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from @AP : "US officials improvements ordered by President Biden to strengthen defenses against Chinese espionage helped identify last week’s spy balloon — and to determine similar flights were conducted at multiple points during the Trump administration."

this Josh @Tyrangiel ⁩ piece is 100% on-target Jan 6 committee raised the bar

if you're looking for the swamp...👇

an argument for submitting written SOTU to Congress and delivering the speech somewhere else

better than anything on the Grammys tonight

desert island can only hear one artist Stevie Wonder

Benghazi, IRS, Shirley Sherrod, death panels, Solyndra, birth certificate, emails


the husband of a top WH aide is trying, with increasing urgency, to tell the nation that President Trump is mentally ill

BREAKING from CNN:   “The Justice Department is investigating a potential crime related to funneling money to the White House in exchange for a presidential pardon, according to a court record unsealed on Tuesday by the chief judge of the DC District Court.”

personal news: today's my last day at CNN proud of the work thanks to my colleagues i've been lucky to serve the best in American media - St. Petersburg Times, WSJ, NYT, the NBC family, CNN look forward to figuring out what's next

NFL head coach for Houston Texans: “Yeah, I’ll take a knee. The players have a right to protest, a right to be heard. They’re not taking a knee because they’re against our flag. They’re taking a knee because they haven’t been treated equally in this country for over 400 years.”

when Thurgood Marshall was confirmed in 1967 to become the first black man on the Supreme Court, 16 of 22 senators from the 11 states of the old Confederacy voted no or didn't vote when Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed today to become the first black woman, 18 of 22 voted no

average monthly job growth in 9 months since Trump's election: 179K average monthly job growth in 9 months before Trump's election: 199K