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Home of #1 NYTimes Best-Selling Author of #ElbowGrease. A forum that discusses everything from catacombs to Waldorf salad. Enjoy! #RiseAboveHate #NeverGiveUp

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TODAY is the DAY. Beyond excited to bring a new family member into our world for you and your family to enjoy! I #ElbowGrease  vs. Motozilla is available in stores and online here:

Really enjoyed hearing the response to #ElbowGrease  vs. Motozilla. Positivity and teamwork are two very important tenets of this project and I’m glad to hear families are enjoying it together!!

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Please read the below post. If you are at ALL moved by this, act. Help. Help make sure no more posts like this happen. I’ll help with you. I’ll match whatever you give. Let’s stop saying “this should never happen” and let’s ALL work to solve this problem


If someone takes a chance on you, prove them right. Give your all and seize the opportunity at hand. Know that you are working for something larger than self. Be diligent. Be grateful. Succeed or fail, it will say more about who you are than the most carefully constructed verse.

I want to say thank you to all who follow this platform for allowing me, recently, to keep you up to speed on projects in my life. Some you may dig, others may not be you. Just saying I’m grateful for your patience to hear me out. None of any of this happens without you. Thanks.

Many out there will make it a goal to make you feel inferior or inadequate strictly to try and cause you pain or embarrassment. Recognize it for what it is, their struggle with self. Rise above that hate.

The people you love and those that love you shouldn’t want to change you, they should allow you to be the best you

#PlayingWithFire is a fun story backed by the image of some really incredible heroes. I got to meet one of those heroes and hear her story. Lori Byrd is one of those heroes and I hope you learn more about her in this month's @goodhousemag  #HometownHeroes 

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Sooo #iPhoneX  about #FaceID  ...ummmmm .... what do I do?

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again #IVoteBTSBBMAs  #NeverGiveUp 

I’ve had a little trouble keeping up lately but does need a bodyguard? Crazy because I’ve been touring with them for years, they just can’t see me. #GotYourSix 

1 final thanks AND gotta rep my boy JHope!Namjoon, all in good fun, all ❤️ for RM! Congrats on ‘18 Global Music Star! Thanks for #KCAletting  me 🎤💧 #DropTheMic 

Favorite tracks off Persona .. Intro aka Persona (love the Super Mario Bros “coin sample”)and Dionysus. Greek god of wine making... yeah that’s a good one for me #BTS 

Also happy birthday #JHOPE  just 175 more years and you’ll catch #WestNewbury  #HappyJHOPEDay  @BTS_twt  @bts_bighit 

Love yourself. There will always be hatred. Striving to be better is wonderful but ALWAYS #LoveYourself  . And know the difference between self love and self absorption. One will help you, one will not.

A day enjoyed is never a day wasted.

Be comfortable with you. #LoveYourself  and face negativity head on but with empathy. Never take yourself too serious. Never be afraid to laugh at yourself. #RiseAboveHate 

Stop making others feel small just to feel bigger. Growth comes from work. Earn the right to grow.