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Home of #1 NYTimes Best-Selling Author of #ElbowGrease. A forum that discusses everything from catacombs to Waldorf salad. Enjoy! #RiseAboveHate #NeverGiveUp

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Robo: Fixes things, cares for humans, fights off intergalactic space bikers (who are also cannibals...) Dallas: Drinks. See why they’re the best of friends THIS Saturday night on @tzgz_syfy ! @SYFY 

We’re as excited as Woodman on his favorite day! #DallasandRobo  comes to @tzgz_syfy  TONIGHT at midnight-ish @SYFY 

Honesty and communication are the cornerstones to any successful relationship, including the one you have with yourself.

We tend to hate what we don’t understand. Spend less time hating and more time attempting to understand.

You’re only as good as your next one. Never give up.

We cannot be everywhere at once. When we commit focus to one thing it will take focus from something else. Be honest with ourselves and others about our choices and commitments.

Don’t just envision financial success; act on it. A great way to get started is by improving your credit scores. Here are some tips from @Experian_US :

It is what it is until it isn’t.

We define who we are when we persevere in the face of obstacles. Proud to be the new voice of @Honda , starting with this message that encourages people to ”Rise to the Challenge.”

Try your best at the end of any experience (good or bad) to take the time you need to absorb what’s happened. You might surprise yourself with how much you’ve learned.


Sooo #iPhoneX  about #FaceID  ...ummmmm .... what do I do?

Pardon my language but HOLY SH*T!!! @jimmyfallon ⁩ as if I couldn’t love you any more!! @bts_bighit ⁩ @BTS_twt ⁩ are huge @WWE ⁩ fans!! 🤯🤯🤯 Hope one day we can meet!! You’re amazing Jimmy Fallon! @FallonTonight ⁩ #BTSArmy 

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again #IVoteBTSBBMAs  #NeverGiveUp 

Very happy to join #BTSARMY  in efforts to match @BTS_twt  tremendous donation #ARMYMatch1M 

I’ve had a little trouble keeping up lately but does need a bodyguard? Crazy because I’ve been touring with them for years, they just can’t see me. #GotYourSix 

Open your mind before you open your mouth.

Favorite tracks off Persona .. Intro aka Persona (love the Super Mario Bros “coin sample”)and Dionysus. Greek god of wine making... yeah that’s a good one for me #BTS 

Also happy birthday #JHOPE  just 175 more years and you’ll catch #WestNewbury  #HappyJHOPEDay  @BTS_twt  @bts_bighit 

I’ve said before, I admire the message @bts_bighit  sends thru music. @BTS_ARMY  you’ll hear some familiar “Fire” in #PlayingWithFireMovie  OUT FRIDAY! Thank you @andyfickman  for using a favorite song of mine! (Only because RM wears jorts in the video?)

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