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John Cena

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Being discouraged by failure is normal, being detained by failure can be toxic. Learn, rise, grow. Never give up.

Allow chaos to humble you. Allow it to teach you. Do not allow it to consume or destroy you. Never give up.

It has been said that mastery of a discipline takes 10,000 hours. I have been actively engaged in life for over 385,000 hours and enjoy the fact that I will never master it.

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Be brave enough to inquire why people make the choices they do, rather than telling them what choices to make.

Not everyone wants to better themselves. Many who are toxic thrive on and seek toxic energy. Give people an honest chance to define themselves and work hard to steer clear of those who bring you down.

Somedays we run circles around the world, most days the world runs circles around us. Each day is our opportunity to show the world, and ourselves, what we can do.

Proving you can learn is has far more potential than proving how smart you are.

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Open your mind before you open your mouth.

Talk with someone, not about someone.

Never stop learning. Never stop loving. Never stop living.

Others will dislike you. Others will disagree with you. Over time, if you are consistent in sticking to your values and beliefs, others will respect you.

Worry less about being perfect. Focus more on being real.

It is what it is until it isn’t.

Each wasted second is a second wasted.

Be who you are regardless of who you are with.