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John Cena

Home of #1 NYTimes Best-Selling Author of #ElbowGrease. A forum that discusses everything from catacombs to Waldorf salad. Enjoy! #RiseAboveHate #NeverGiveUp

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Tune in TOMORROW August 1 from 9-11am for this year’s virtual #BFFSchoolBash2020  to see a special reading of “Elbow Grease vs. Motozilla!” An awesome event put on @TitusONeilWWE  and @BFFTampa . Watch it all here:

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Be fierce. Be tender. Be aware enough to know when to be which.

‘Family’ are those with the closest connection. Families fight, have setbacks, issues, and problems like everyone else. But Family hangs in there, no matter how long it takes, to work thru the issues and grow stronger. I love and am grateful for my ‘Family’.

I am grateful for everyone who’s ever told me “Im not good enough”. It’s forced me to look deep within to see if they are right.

Have a plan for today, keep the joy of yesterday, be hopeful for tomorrow.

We’re as excited as Woodman on his favorite day! #DallasandRobo  comes to @tzgz_syfy  TONIGHT at midnight-ish @SYFY 

Honesty and communication are the cornerstones to any successful relationship, including the one you have with yourself.

We tend to hate what we don’t understand. Spend less time hating and more time attempting to understand.


Sooo #iPhoneX  about #FaceID  ...ummmmm .... what do I do?

Pardon my language but HOLY SH*T!!! @jimmyfallon ⁩ as if I couldn’t love you any more!! @bts_bighit ⁩ @BTS_twt ⁩ are huge @WWE ⁩ fans!! 🤯🤯🤯 Hope one day we can meet!! You’re amazing Jimmy Fallon! @FallonTonight ⁩ #BTSArmy 

Very happy to join #BTSARMY  in efforts to match @BTS_twt  tremendous donation #ARMYMatch1M 

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again #IVoteBTSBBMAs  #NeverGiveUp 

I’ve had a little trouble keeping up lately but does need a bodyguard? Crazy because I’ve been touring with them for years, they just can’t see me. #GotYourSix 

Open your mind before you open your mouth.

Favorite tracks off Persona .. Intro aka Persona (love the Super Mario Bros “coin sample”)and Dionysus. Greek god of wine making... yeah that’s a good one for me #BTS 

Also happy birthday #JHOPE  just 175 more years and you’ll catch #WestNewbury  #HappyJHOPEDay  @BTS_twt  @bts_bighit 

Worry less about being perfect. Focus more on being real.