Trump China

This is the most devastating political ad I’ve seen in years. It reveals the truth about Trump and China, and that truth is ugly.

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Trump China

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Tear gas has been fired outside the White House at protesters who, on TV, appeared to have their hands raised or were not being aggressive, just chanting.

These are not the words of a president. They are the words of a dictator.

I will be delivering brief remarks from the Rose Garden at 6:30 P.M. Eastern to update on the Federal Response.

"Let’s do this another way. Let's stop thinking our voice don’t matter and vote. Not just for the president...educate yourself and know who you’re voting for. And that’s how we're going to hit 'em."

Donald Trump just tear-gassed peaceful protesters for a photo op.

Take the Gaetz tweet down right now @Twitter . RIGHT NOW. The survivors of mass shootings are lighting up my phone. They are scared to death this will inspire someone to start shooting into a crowd tonight. They are right.

This was a peaceful protest. And they are using tear gas. In the United States. In front of the White House.

Remember these aren’t just Trump’s actions. There are WH officials and other federal employees carrying out these orders. He can’t do all of that alone.

We have the greatest country in the world—and we will keep America safe.