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Another shut out.
Another win.
How Sale stacks up in @redsox history. Pretty darn good!
What a night for Sale!
300Ks this season.
If you vote to reorder one-sixth of the US economy without a CBO score, never call yourself conservative again. You are a dangerous radical.
Heckler's Veto too popular among college students.
Liberal leaders should explain how shutting down free speech by protest or violence is illiberal and shortsighted. https://t.co/t3mE1gvd3H
Another long one. Another win. @RedSox are now 15-3 in extra innings, while JBJ robs another batter of a HR attempt.
Celebrating 10 years with two guys who were there from the start. Thanks Chris and TJ! #morningjoe https://t.co/ONPxJbCN9U
The Great @WillieGeist, Legendary @mikebarnicle
and Teen Sensation @NBCLOU!
You can't tell from this angle but our great EP Alex Korson is weeping massive tears of celebratory joy here. 🤣🤣🤣
Thank you, Alex!
THANK YOU @JesseRodriguez for all your amazing work!
"The most surprising thing about President Trump’s address to the UN on Tuesday was how conventional it was." https://t.co/JH21dF9rZH
"Jake’s soul, to me, was a bonfire."
We've got a game! The @RedSox pick up 6 runs in the 5th to go ahead. Clutch hits by JBJ, Holt and Mookie!!
What we’re seeing are Red-state voters who pulled the lever for Trump but didn’t like him & still don’t like him. https://t.co/Ep3tM2wXuy
Our #FreaksLoveFreaks EP launch party is Wednesday at 7pm at @TheCuttingRoom.nyc. It fills up fast so come early! https://t.co/Fjq8BOPhUj
We're having our launch party for the #FreaksLoveFreaks EP Wednesday at 7pm at @CuttingRoomNYC.
Thank you @Orioles. Needed that.
And all these sights I don't understand....
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