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From news reports, it appears Thomas was the lone dissenter arguing that the 10 day waiting period was unconstitutional.
Today’s Supreme Court denial of cert allows California’s 10 day waiting period to remain in place as constitutional even if the gun owner in question previously passed background checks.
The United States Supreme Court once again today allowed gun restrictions to stand by denying cert in two California cases. The Court has refused all challenges to assault-style bans and Scalia’s decision from 2008 remains the law of the land.
CPAC mocks Mitt Romney but embraces members of the National Front?

Read Richard Brookhiser and weep. https://t.co/0nfqdq9Mvw
“And when you scan the radio
I hope this song will guide you home....” cc: @JoeyScarborough
I’m excited to start reading Ron Chernow’s GRANT. Rave reviews.
“Buckley’s present influence on one of the institutions he helped build is nil, because the conservative movement is no more. Its destroyers are Donald Trump and his admirers.” https://t.co/0nfqdq9Mvw
“He wanted a conservative party that would think both realistically and correctly. This is why he picked fights on the right with those he deemed out of this world or crucially wrong. This is why he recanted his own segregationist views.”
cc: NRA https://t.co/0nfqdq9Mvw
NRA ads over the past year have incited their members to violence. I fear that their continued campaigns of hate will end up getting someone killed. I will not re-posted here because I do not want to RT vile content.
Speaking of dumb, all the nasty quotes seem to be coming from people who write for the Daily Caller. Exactly how much money does the Daily Caller make off of guns? A lot.https://t.co/84UfDyD0hB
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