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White House aides echo privately and conveniently The Rutles --
"Shocked. And Stunned." https://t.co/eZq8bvxji1
Military, Business and Republicans distance themselves from Trump. Even the mayor of Phoenix says "Stay away." https://t.co/XowDsYscIF
President Bannon trashes Donald Trump and undercuts him on North Korea. He really does think he's Trump's boss. https://t.co/XH0wuopM0R
Then it means nothing. You get no credit condemning Nazis in 2017.
To make a difference, you must attack Trump's coziness with racists.https://t.co/xb3BuJkGT6
@jpodhoretz calls the president's defense of racists "one of the most disheartening facts of my lifetime." https://t.co/7RHhVetTg9
Frederick Douglass on How Congress Can Fight a 'Treacherous President' - The Atlantic https://t.co/d8Yk9SMTOG
Teen drug overdose death rate climbed 19% in one year - CNN https://t.co/WnWEdWQmbM
@RedSox beat the Cards 10-4, complete with a triple play and another great night by Devers!
Thanks, @vulture.
A great interview for anyone who loves rock. https://t.co/CnstamSgsm
I'm going out to buy Under Armour.
"Madness can strike anyone anywhere. One day's permanence is the evanescence of the next."
~Richard Cohen
June 2007 https://t.co/7LklrUP8Ye
He should not do it.
That's what a bigot would do. https://t.co/qRGxwa1UEX
"In the last couple of years, the fascist Right has come out of the woodwork. Or into the social media." https://t.co/GAMPMZ0gk1
Trump attacks leading black business CEO after refusing to attack white supremacists and neo-Nazis this weekend. https://t.co/0zlmpeUlNj
What CEOs would work with a politician who refuses to condemn white supremacy and neo-Nazis by name?
Merck CEO Quits Trump Advisory Council After Charlottesville Violence https://t.co/ux8FHPXqbG
Now that @VP has called out the racists and murderers by name, Donald Trump stands alone refusing to criticize white supremacists and Nazis.
A big win at Yankee Stadium.
A lot of baseball left but @RedSox in 1st by 5 1/2 over the Yankees!
Benny does it again!
9 RBIs vs the Yankees this weekend. @RedSox take the lead in extra innings!!
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