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one small step for man....

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If you’re a conservative who is too dense to craft your own oped opposing Medicare-for-All, you’re probably to thick to hold a voting card.

Here’s the James Baldwin quote @esglaude  and I were talking about this morning from his great new book “Begin Again”: “To accept one’s past—one’s history—is not the same as drowning it it.”

These Republicans. The shamelessness. The sheer bad faith. The stupidity.

🚨🚨🚨🤣🤣🤣 Barr’s handpicked prosecutor tells IG he can’t back Trump conspiracy theory re: FBI investigation.

The men and women who serve their country at NAS Pensacola have always given their best to the @US Navy and America. Today’s heartbreaking tragedy will not deter them from their mission, as their Navy family and the Pensacola community mourns this terrible loss.

“The water comes dripping’s dripping out...very quietly...dripping out.” 🤔

I thought it was Poe, but you’re probably right.

“The proper cultural strategy is faithful presence within, not pulling away from the culture and not trying to take it over. It means we’re not going to assimilate, we’re going to be distinctively Christian. It’s about an attitude of service.” ~Tim Keller

Hey @OleMissFB , good times are coming to your football team if you land Lane. Ignore the noise. Kiffin will win. #hottytoddy 

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“For the most part, you have many states where they have so much water, it comes down—it’s called rain.” ~President Donald J. Trump


Trump Administration report shows refugees added $63 billion to US economy over the past decade. Trump White House then killed the report they ordered and demanded it be manipulated to only show costs and not profits.

Poor leadership would be hiding at a country club golfing while fellow Americans are suffering and dying. She's not doing that. You are.

If your business funds Trump’s campaign, then you are supporting white supremacy. Full stop. Look at his rallies. Listen to the chants of “Send her back!” Hear the calls of “Shoot them!” Your money funds that. Your business supports that. You are complicit.

Stop. Listen. Understand. The president of the United States just said that the guaranteed right to free speech is "disgusting."

If you vote to reorder one-sixth of the US economy without a CBO score, never call yourself conservative again. You are a dangerous radical.

"He stumbles, slurs, gets confused, is easily irritated, and has trouble synthesizing information, not occasionally but with regularity," the official warns. Often, "the president can't remember what he's said or been told."

Authorities couldn’t keep Epstein alive by putting him under 24 hour surveillance? How convenient for a lot of rich and powerful men.