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one small step for man....

“Today’s call-out culture is not advancing us, either with allies or opponents. Similarly problematic is the “cancel culture,” where people attempt to expunge anyone with whom they do not perfectly agree.” (See also ⁦ @sullydish ⁩’s latest)

“It should be a national scandal if GOP congressmen partnered with white nationalists during a visit overseas. It should be a national scandal that members of the US government intended to partner with vicious anti-Semites on their own propaganda tour.”

“Moderate change within existing structures wins converts and creates conservatives, willing to defend incremental liberal advances. Radical change bent on transforming human nature generates resistance and creates reactionaries.” ⁦ @sullydish ⁩

Credit where it’s due: @LindseyGrahamSC  making great points re: Afghanistan on @marthamaccallum  right now.

“The Immoral Majority” by @BenHowe  is such an important book for Americans to read and for evangelicals to debate. Critically important.

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From Murdock’s NY Post: “Trump made fun of US allies South Korea, Japan and the European Union — mimicking Japanese and Korean accents — and talked about his love of dictators Kim Jong Un and the current ruler of Saudi Arabia.”

Bipartisan outrage is rising over Epstein’s inexplicable death. How could the Justice Department have allowed that to happen? Republicans and Democrats want to know.

“At rallies, he has injected terms like “predator,” “killer,” and “animal” in his descriptions of immigrants.”

“How do you stop these people? You can’t, there’s —” Trump said. A rally attendee yelled back, “Shoot them.” Trump smirked, before responding, “That’s only in the Panhandle can you get away with that statement.” The crowd cheered for nearly 10 seconds before Trump continued.

“Trump used words like 'invasion' and 'killer' to discuss immigrants at rallies 500 times” ~USA TODAY


If your business funds Trump’s campaign, then you are supporting white supremacy. Full stop. Look at his rallies. Listen to the chants of “Send her back!” Hear the calls of “Shoot them!” Your money funds that. Your business supports that. You are complicit.

Trump Administration report shows refugees added $63 billion to US economy over the past decade. Trump White House then killed the report they ordered and demanded it be manipulated to only show costs and not profits.

Poor leadership would be hiding at a country club golfing while fellow Americans are suffering and dying. She's not doing that. You are.

Authorities couldn’t keep Epstein alive by putting him under 24 hour surveillance? How convenient for a lot of rich and powerful men.

Stop. Listen. Understand. The president of the United States just said that the guaranteed right to free speech is "disgusting."

Sanctioned Russian Oligarch's Company to Invest Millions in New Aluminum Plant in Mitch McConnell's State #MoscowMitch 

Kentucky and all of America wants to know. Why do you keep doing Putin’s bidding, #MoscowMitch ? Why?

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