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Rep. Jim Jordan

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This has been the worst start to any Administration in our lifetime. And it’s not even close.

The CDC and NIH employee roughly 33,000 people. They have a nearly 56 billion dollar budget. But can’t tell us the effectiveness of natural immunity?

Guess it takes a while to write a report about record illegal immigration.

If you thought 2020 was chaos, wait until Chuck Schumer jams through a federal takeover of elections.

The same day we learn the Education Department was pushing to label parents as domestic terrorists, the Justice Department announces that it’s creating a domestic terrorism unit.

Smoking gun: Fauci knew COVID may have come from a lab, but begged other doctors to suppress the information. What was he hiding?

December 2020 to December 2021: Gas — up 49.6% Used cars — up 37.3% Hotels — up 27.6% Furniture and bedding — up 13.8% Meat, poultry, and fish — up 12.6% Eggs — up 11.1% Major appliances — up 8.4% Electricity — up 6.3% Clothes — up 5.8% Hourly earnings — down 2.4%

The Left’s purge continues: -YouTube demonetizes Dan Bongino. -DirectTV drops One America News. -Twitter suspends Dr. Malone. Who’s next?


For nine weeks, Democrats have been afraid to have a real debate on election integrity. Why?

If you can protest in person, you can vote in person.

The media promised that President Trump’s tax returns would reveal deep ties to Russia. Didn’t happen! Know whose finances would reveal deep ties to Russia? Hunter Biden.

Democrats oppose: -Voter ID laws -Auditing the vote -The Electoral College Under their watch, election integrity will become a thing of the past.