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James Pethokoukis

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My gods, I hope @JebBush ⁩ is right | “Once the trauma passes, I feel sure that more Americans will appreciate leadership based on evidence, problem-solving and consensus-building"

Bruce Wolf is a radio legend, obviously. Certainly the Larry Bird of his profession. Give me a beak!

'We are stubborn on vision. We are flexible on details" - Jeff Bezos

Seems like all the wrong people like this .| "The Chinese New IP proposal is far more radical, and could embed a system of centralised rule enforcement into the technical fabric of the internet." via @FinancialTimes 

"I was working on a book that was going to articulate how the internet is destroying the fabric of human community. But [now] for the life of me I cannot ... see the internet as anything other than the force that is holding that fabric together."

My hysterical case of coronavirus is hitting a little bit later today. Improvement? 🤔

Finally finished “Von Braun: Dreamer of Space, Engineer of War.” The ending, which documents America’s retreat from manned space exploration and Mars, is perhaps the most interesting part.


The option I like: We don't sacrifice America's grandparents. We prepare the economy for a big pause and then a big restart. We act like the world's richest nation on the tech frontier and get our act together to contain and kill COVID-19. Anything less to our everlasting shame.

Some eye-popping numbers on Clinton's growing popular vote lead, via at @TheAtlantic 

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GOLDMAN SACHS: “... the costs of US tariffs have fallen entirely on US businesses and households, with no clear reduction in the prices charged by Chinese exporters. “

THREAD: 1/ The American economy is shutting down. An insta-depression (effectively) encouraged by government to stop the spread of #COVID-19 . But the ongoing collapse of 30m small businesses will cause mass unemployment today and painfully slow recovery tomorrow.

⏰ THREAD: 1/ The US economy is imploding. That’s the message of the plunging stock market and rising jobless claims. And Washington is not doing nearly enough to stop it. Forecasts of a deep recession followed by a strong recovery are too optimistic. Here’s why:

🔥 JPMORGAN: "Revised GDP forecast of -2.0% annualized growth in 1Q, followed by -3.0% growth in 2Q. ... forecast assumes a fiscal response of about $500 billion. .... If the spread of virus moderates .... stage could be set for a return to growth in 3Q, when we forecast 2.5%"

This new talking point that immigrants — even if they came here as children — are not *really* patriotic, trustworthy Americans ... is something.

Literally every Bernie explanation for every problem is corporate greed. Makes it easy to do economic policy because you don't have to know anything about economic policy. Or costs and benefits. Or trade-offs. Or unintended consequences.