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States where abortion is illegal won't just be dangerous for those who want to end their pregnancies - but those with wanted pregnancies who get sick

If you have a miscarriage or stillbirth, you could be questioned by police. If you are pregnant and have cancer, your chemotherapy could be delayed or denied. Activists are even proposing "mandatory psychiatric custody" of women seeking abortions.

Needed this from @rtraister  today: "Despair is poison. It deadens people when the most important thing they can do is proceed with more drive and force and openness than they have before"

Thank you to everyone protesting tonight - stay safe

After decades of calling murderers, now they’re planning to arrest us, watch us die & force children to give birth. Animosity is all they have

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I couldn't sleep last night, so I wrote this

After offering me a hug and words wiser than most kids her age could muster, my daughter asked a question that broke my heart: “But I’ll be okay, right?”

When I called my mom yesterday she just sobbed, and it broke me

"I feel I must reassert myself as a person with a mind and a will." Really beautiful piece from @onesarahjones 


Just thinking about how many men on the left called feminists hysterical for predicting today would come

I’ve lived in NYC my whole life and I’ve never seen anything like this

The more I read these panicked articles about places like NYC and San Francisco being 'unsafe', the more I realize it's not about crime at all - just discomfort with poverty being more visible

It's fascinating to see people argue that women won't really be punished if abortion is illegal. Here are some things that have *already* happened to women despite Roe:

It's really something to watch anti-abortion women tweet today as if this isn't the same ideology that would happily ban them from having a bank account

Rush Limbaugh had a segment called "AIDS update" set to music where he mocked dying gay people so I don't really want hear about 'speaking ill of the dead' today

"Over-educated" If you think this kind of language is just a gaffe, you're wrong

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For misogynists, it’s not just about disbelieving women who come forward about sexual assault - it’s about painting them as the real wrongdoers

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Whenever I get discouraged and want to quit something, I remember the words of my then 3 year-old after she puked carrots all over the living room floor: "I'm gonna need more carrots."

I know my daughter is just like me because when I asked why she didn’t like her school’s guided meditation, she said: “Because don’t tell me when to breathe, that’s why.”