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Conservatives don’t want to talk about what a world without legal abortion will actually look like

The first line of this piece is "sexual peeling" and I want to die

Watching season 2 of Shrill, thinking about how Lindy is killing the game & it is making me SO HAPPY

Like look at her amazing Hollywood shine while the dudes who hated her for a living are still stuck scamming

If you think de-platforming doesn't work: when was the last time you heard the name "milo"?

This felt tricky but important to write

I'll stop soon, but let me just say: This is why online harassment is a workplace issue. A reporter's life was being threatened and the Washington Post was more concerned about the "institution" than her life.

Btw, this is also a lesson on what happens to women when they come forward about sexual harassment & assault. They are thought of as "troublemakers" and are treated as such - Marty Baron's email is part of the reason women stay silent about abuse

It's pub day for Believe Me! Since it's an anthology, I can say without self-consciousness that it is legitimately fucking great. We have essays from @AyannaPressley  @wordscience  @JuliaSerano  @JamilSmith  @MegaMoira  and so many others. You will love it.

Women who share their experiences or talk about sexual assault are labeled troublemakers & biased - and in an industry that purports to speak truth to power, that should fucking disturb us.


Looks like the First Lady of Japan pretended not to speak English for nearly 2 hrs to avoid talking to Trump

It's fascinating to see people argue that women won't really be punished if abortion is illegal. Here are some things that have *already* happened to women despite Roe:

If there were pictures of little blonde children sleeping on cement floors covered in their own filth, it would take all of 24 hours to get them out

Remember when this woman *went to jail* because she used her dad’s address to get her kids into a better school district?

Women, if you're being sexually assaulted make sure you take close notice of your attacker's dick because Ben Shapiro wants to know exactly what it looks like

A woman went into premature labor while being detained, her baby died, and this is ICE’s response: “a stillbirth is not considered an in-custody death”

John Becker (OH) thinks ectopic pregnancies can be "reimplanted" in a uterus. Vito Barbieri (ID) said women can have gyn exams by swallowing a camera. Dan Flynn (TX) believes abortion requires cutting into a uterus. Meet the men legislating your body.

Boys can straight up *admit* to rape these days and a male judge will still find a way to let him off

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The Quebec shooter, who killed 6 in a mosque, is a white male student who made right wing & anti-woman remarks on FB

Just your regular reminder that the president of the United States was credibly accused of rape and we've just...stopped talking about it.