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France's solidarity with Armenia is tantamount to supporting #Armenian  occupation of Azerbaijan, according to #Turkey 's foreign minister.

Researchers at @UniofOxford  are exploring if best-selling prescription drug adalimumab could be used for a potential treatment for the #coronavirus .

Armenia published pictures of the wreckage of an SU-25 warplane that was allegedly downed on Tuesday by #Turkey .

The Finance Ministry, the Manufacturers Association and the Histadrut reached an agreement regarding how to pay staff for time in #quarantine  due to the #coronavirus .

Azerbaijan claims the two destroyed #Armenian  fighter jets crashed into a mountain, and were not shot down, despite Armenia's claims to the contrary.

#Coronavirus czar Prof. Ronni Gamzu is expected to present criteria for easing #lockdown  restrictions.

Two passengers infected with #coronavirus  landed in #Israel  last week, according to the Health Ministry.

Hebrew numbers don’t follow the standard grammar of #Hebrew  words. In fact, they do the opposite.


Rep. @IlhanMN  Omar was recruited by a foreign government, received funding from a foreign government, and passed sensitive information through intermediates to #Iran , a Florida court has been told. #Qatar 

#BREAKING: Saudi Arabia says Lebanon has declared war on it

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It's raining #marijuana : A drone mysteriously dropped hundreds of bags of #cannabis  over Rabin Square in #TelAviv  Thursday afternoon. Full story: Photos by @sassoniavsha1 

@RichardGrenell  called for condemnation against the Muslim Brotherhood's call to murder members of the #LGBT  community, @BenWeinthal  reports.

#Vatican ambassador to #France  resigns after molestation allegations

Rwanda embarks on a week of commemoration activities and 100 days of national mourning on Sunday to mark the 25th anniversary of the genocide in which 800,000 people - one tenth of its population - were killed in 100 days of slaughter. #RwandaGenocide 

#Britain has issued new a travel advisory for #China , warning that its nationals may be at risk of arbitrary detention, after several foreigners were held on various charges including cases involving state secrets and national #security .

Hundreds of protesters marched in #HongKong  against government plans to potentially turn some buildings into #coronavirus  quarantine centers, demanding full closure of the mainland China border.

#Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened in the past to destroy #Israel  by causing a massive explosion in the port of Haifa using ammonia tanks that he said would be like a “nuclear” explosion, @sfrantzman  reports.