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Firefighters are currently battling a fire near the illegal Israeli West Bank outpost Kumi Ori near the Yizhar settlement, where a Palestinian flag was found a the scene. #Israel  | #Palestinian 

A cleaner working at the Yitzhak Navon train station in Jerusalem over the weekend found a bank check for NIS 1 million. Here's what happened next>> #Jerusalem  | #Israel 

Israel’s government is expected to approve a proposal that would require all hospitals to have a police station on the premises. This comes amid a wave of violence against medical workers in hospitals. Report by @shirasilkoff  | #Israeli 

A plane operated by a private airline in Nepal went missing on Sunday with 22 people on board. The plane took off from the tourist town of Pokhara, some 125 km (80 miles) west of the capital Kathmandu, headed towards Jomsom. #nepalplanemissing  | #Nepal 


Former Israeli space #security  chief Haim Eshed has revealed that aliens from a "Galactic Federation" have been in contact with the US and #Israel  for years, but humanity isn't ready to know this. Or so he claims. Reporting by @AaronReich 

Over two billion people worldwide have been inoculated against #COVID-19 , now #Israeli  researchers are trying to learn if #mRNA  vaccines are dangerous long term

Japanese pharmaceutical company Kowa says ivermectin showed an "antiviral effect" against Omicron and other variants of COVID-19. #COVID19  | #Ivermectin  | #Coronavirus 

#BREAKING: Saudi Arabia says Lebanon has declared war on it

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Russia has warned neighboring Finland on Friday of "serious military and political" repercussions if the Scandanavian nation opts to join NATO following the invasion of Ukraine. #Russia  | #UkraineWar  | #Finland 

Three Israeli filmmakers, including activist @rudy_rochman , have been arrested in Nigeria, after meeting with members of the Igbo community. Report by @AaronReich  | #Israel  | #Nigeria  | #Igbo 

Antibody levels decrease rapidly after two doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, a study by researchers at the Sheba Medical Center published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine showed. #Coronavirus  | #Medicine  | #Health 

Rwanda embarks on a week of commemoration activities and 100 days of national mourning on Sunday to mark the 25th anniversary of the genocide in which 800,000 people - one tenth of its population - were killed in 100 days of slaughter. #RwandaGenocide 

An air strike in #Ethiopia 's #Tigray  region on Monday killed at least 17 people, mostly women, and wounded dozens in the town of Mai Tsebri, two aid workers told Reuters citing local authorities and eyewitnesses.