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Sheba Medical Center reports a 65% decrease in the hospitalization of patients with severe #asthma  over the last three months, experts believe that it's due to masks. #Masks  | #COVID19 

MMJP#Myanmar  authorities have detained a #Japanese  #journalist , Yuki Kitazumi, after picking him up from his home in Yangon, news reports said on Monday.

Five suspects were #arrested  for rioting at #Damascus  Gate in #Jerusalem  over the night, @IsraelPolice  reported.

Specially trained #dogs  may be able to sniff out positive #COVID19  cases with up to 96% accuracy, a new proof-of-concept study claims. #health 

🎨 What do you do with a $69 million #artwork  that doesn't physically exist? #digitalart  | #cryptocurrency  | #virtual 

☀️Ten to 15 degrees beyond what's considered average, temperatures are expected to sit between 32-42 degrees Celsius (90-107 Fahrenheit) depending on location. #Heatwave  | #Weather | #Israel  | #Sun 

@IDF  and @israelpolice  special forces arrested on Sunday night a #terrorist  operative believed to be head of #Hamas  in the #Palestinian  city of #Tulkarm .

The last remaining #COVID19  ward in Hadassah-University Medical Center closes as the number of serious cases continues to decline. Report by @MaayanJaffe  #health  | #COVIDVaccines 

As time runs out for Prime Minister Benjamin@netanyahu  to form a #coalition , he seems to be considering more creative ideas, including passing a bill that will allow for direct #elections  of #Israel 's next #PrimeMinister . @SiegalTobias  reports.


Former Israeli space #security  chief Haim Eshed has revealed that aliens from a "Galactic Federation" have been in contact with the US and #Israel  for years, but humanity isn't ready to know this. Or so he claims. Reporting by @AaronReich 

Rep. @IlhanMN  Omar was recruited by a foreign government, received funding from a foreign government, and passed sensitive information through intermediates to #Iran , a Florida court has been told. #Qatar 

#BREAKING: Saudi Arabia says Lebanon has declared war on it

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#Azerbaijan said on Saturday 12 civilians were killed and more than 40 were wounded in the city of Ganja due to shelling by #Armenia .

Rwanda embarks on a week of commemoration activities and 100 days of national mourning on Sunday to mark the 25th anniversary of the genocide in which 800,000 people - one tenth of its population - were killed in 100 days of slaughter. #RwandaGenocide 

@filgmartin , a senior aide to #Brazil ’s far-right president #JairBolsonaro  has been accused of making an #antisemitic , white supremacist hand symbol during a legislative session.

@RichardGrenell  called for condemnation against the Muslim Brotherhood's call to murder members of the #LGBT  community, @BenWeinthal  reports.

Evidence of #Turkey ’s role in pushing #Azerbaijan  to war against #Armenia  is growing.

Hundreds of protesters marched in #HongKong  against government plans to potentially turn some buildings into #coronavirus  quarantine centers, demanding full closure of the mainland China border.