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Deacon asked Ally to perform "I'll Never Love Again" at Rayna's funeral but it was too soon for her.
but Ally DID warn Juliette not to get mixed up in that cult.
Jackson Maine & Rayna Jaymes definitely recorded a duet at some point, right?
I really didn’t like the new #Halloween — BUT, I really love how many box office records a Jamie Lee Curtis movie now holds
When your love of Steel Magnolias and mobile drumming perfectly converge
your honeymoon seems weird
What Lies Beneath is not only a visual masterpiece and an exceptional horror movie that doesn't get the respect it deserves but also features one of Michelle Pfeiffer's most complex, impressive, skilled and re-watchable performances to date. In this TED Talk I wi
Honestly, this season of American Horror Story is legit amazing #AHSApocalpyse
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