If the NFL is to improve its woeful record on the hiring, promotion and nourishment of black coaches, the writers observe, Jones could lead the way. He is doing anything but. Please read this @washingtonpost  series, even if sports is not on your radar.

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ARE YOU READY TO 'SHOUT OUT,' FILO ENGENES? 🙌🏻 LOOK: Filipino ENGENES, fans of the sought-after K-pop boy group ENHYPEN @ENHYPEN ), have gathered at the NAIA Terminal 1, awaiting the arrival of their idols on Friday, Dec. 2. | @vesgarcia_ 

Rob Schmitt: "You can feel Merrick Garland breathing down Elon Musk's neck already." "They need America to be a dreadful place full of anger and hate so they can fundamentally change it so that they'll have your permission to fundamentally change it."

Secret Service has Hunter Biden gun probe docs it denied having: watchdog

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The U.S. Senate voted Thursday to pass a resolution imposing a contract on freight rail workers but rejected a concurrent measure that would give workers seven guaranteed paid sick days.

The Texas State Security Board has called on FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried to testify during a hearing scheduled for Feb. 2, 2023. It's time for SBF to face the truth, and the consequences of what he did. #FoxBusiness 

🧵dear god. kanye and musk seem to be pushing this batshit insane idea that Jews should forgive Nazis, symbolized by swastika in star of david Kanye tweeting to his 32 million followers

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@JoyAnnReid : "Herschel, I'll be in #Georgia  on Monday, so if you want to discuss this and other allegations made against you and give your side of the story, the #ReidOut  team and I would love for you to show up for that debate you asked me for." #TheReidOut 

Crowd Gathers in NYC in Solidarity of China Lockdown Protesters

Elon and his Nazi buddies are doing everything in their power to remove antifascist accounts. We suspect we'll eventually get suspended - so just remember we have a backup on Mastodon!