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Trump so badly wants the proverbial “October surprise” to be Hunter Biden. (When it’s actually a new spike in Covid-19 infections that he isn’t doing anything to stop. But I digress.) Here is a helpful guide to never minding the bollocks, from @RSPolitics .

@RepKristiNoem  “Common courtesy” is wearing a mask so that you don’t catch a easily communicable and lethal disease and recklessly spread it to loved ones and strangers alike throughout the nation. You should resign, Governor.

Racist president says racist thing about racist acts he is committing while in office.

I wrote this four years ago. I first found out who this guy was when he called for the state to kill five kids who looked like me.

@CharlieCookDC  @HeidiPrzybylaI  must be honest: this is such an odd take. How does Trump not hurt himself by not only continuing to lie, but mocking Biden for exhibiting empathy, vulnerability, and accountability in the midst of a deadly pandemic and a civil-rights uprising — both of which Trump made worse?

Also, the guy who is yelling at another politician about problems that still exist today, “Why didn’t you do anything then?”

I was proud to watch @kwelkernbc  tonight, serving the public well with her skills as a moderator as she made history — the first black woman to moderate a presidential debate since 1992. Thankful for her excellent questions and consistent professionalism, tonight and every day.

I was so happy to speak with @soledadobrien  for the newest @RollingStone  Interview. We discussed her new podcast, her critiques of the press, her thoughts on what she termed a #MeToo  moment for journalists of color, and much more.


An entire island full of Americans in Puerto Rico are without power right now, and @POTUS  is cursing out NFL players at his campaign rally.

All these folks worried about erasing history when the Confederate statues come down will be thrilled to learn about the existence of books.

Elijah McClain’s death at the hands of Aurora, Colorado police last August is among the most horrific cases I’ve ever seen described. He was 23, introverted, and doing absolutely nothing wrong. They killed him, and the prosecutor let them get away with it.

He never called the white supremacists who terrorized Charlottesville “sons of bitches,” did he? Some of them got to be “very fine people.”

She carried too much weight, and for too long. We should live in an America where we only need to send condolences to everyone who knew and loved Justice Ginsburg, and not to the nation and democracy as a whole. I wish that we could simply mourn her. Alas.

Matt Gaetz thought it would be funny to wear a giant gas mask on the House floor to mock the panic over the coronavirus pandemic. Now one of his own constituents has died. Idiots like this have no business taking up space in jobs meant for public servants.

What we’re witnessing, yet again, is what happens when police receive all of the tools of war and virtually none of the accountability for the violence that they perpetrate.

Racism doesn’t just look like a white man in blackface or a Klan hood. Sometimes, it looks like a calling increased ballot access a “power grab.” My latest for , on Mitch McConnell, persisting nevertheless with voter suppression.

This story from a survivor encapsulates how Republicans have used the 9/11 tragedy. went hysterical to get people mad at . But there is no debating this: she supports renewing the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund; he has yet to do so.