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> @Rep Tipton — who lost his primary last night — was sitting alone in the Capitol Rotunda, looking down at his phone just now. A few colleagues said they wish they knew he was in political trouble. It didn’t appear that Tipton himself knew he was in political danger.

Mike Johnson and Clay Higgins of Louisiana both walked onto the floor without masks. Trey Hollingsworth of Indiana took one when he got to the floor. Ted Yoho of Florida. Michael Guest of Mississippi. Tim burchett of Tennessee. Ralph Norman of South Carolina


TRUMP is speaking at 930 CNBC just promo’ed PENCE on shortly.

One of those days TRUMP 930 PENCE ON CNBC 10 MCCARTHY at 930 (?) PELOSI 1030

2 MIN till trump in the briefing room

TRUMP: “It's like life — if you don't have confidence, you're not going to do very well.”


The Afghanistan briefing this afternoon at the White House is for House Rs only.

Playbook PM: NEW … PRESIDENT TRUMP is going to Camp David this weekend. Here’s who is going with him: KEVIN MCCARTHY, MARK MEADOWS and GOP Reps. DAN CRENSHAW (Texas), MATT GAETZ (Fla.), DEVIN NUNES (Calif.), JIM JORDAN (Ohio), ELISE STEFANIK (N.Y.) and LEE ZELDIN (N.Y.).

In the last 24 hours, I’ve spoken to lots of sources on the Hill and in the White House and I’ve become convinced that Washington’s response to coronavirus is going to be a massive massive story.

THE POSITIONING BEGINS — here are some problems with the bill, as flagged by a democrat. Big four plus mnuchin meeting this am.

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I cannot believe I am writing this, but here it is: My reporting would indicate there’s probably more bipartisan energy behind cutting $1,000 checks to people than enacting a payroll tax cut.

There are still a few members of Congress walking around the Capitol without masks on. I’m standing outside the House floor. The building is filled w hundreds of people who are trying to do their job and not get sick. I’m gonna keep a list of people not following this guidance

🚨🚨NEWS, from the closed Senate GOP lunch: @LindseyGrahamSC  just told his Republican colleagues that he is trying to convince TRUMP to oppose direct payments in PHASE THREE bill— as is new WH COS, Mark Meadows.

NEWS ... Texas GOP Rep. Mike Conaway is retiring after 15 years in Congress. This is the fifth retirement in two weeks.

today is holocaust remembrance day. Nazi secret police took people of my faith to death camps across eastern Europe. Families were destroyed. a generation of Jews died. The FBI raid was actually nothing at all like Nazi secret police.