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None of the hydroxycoloroquine scenarios are great: - Trump is knowingly taking a drug with dangerous side effects Or - Trump is not actually taking the drug, and is making this claim knowing it’s impossible to prove otherwise.

And I guess scenario 3 is that there’s a doctor willing to prescribe an unproven prophylaxis with a history of heart impacts to an overweight man in his 70s who’s already taking cholesterol lowering medications.

Georgia church closes two weeks after reopening as families come down with coronavirus

GOP seeks ‘extremely pro-Trump’ doctors to back coronavirus plans on TV

Another 2.4 million Americans filed jobless claims in the last week - That brings us to a total of ~39 million over the course of the pandemic.

CDC: We could be wearing masks for another year

Washington DC has just released re-opening guidelines for the city. Notably, no permanent "new normal" until there's a vaccine or disease has disappeared.

Trump says he tested very positively towards the negative for COVID19. translation: negative.


I’m at the airport in Dallas, waiting for my flight home to DC from El Paso, and something incredible is happening.

NEW: I just spoke with the former head of US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) – He tells me that he expects hundreds of separated children will never be reunited with their parents. They will be lost in the system. Orphaned by the US Govt'.

Prof. Turley is arguing this impeachment can't proceed because of witnesses who have not appeared. The White House is blocking witnesses from appearing.

This is absolute organizational chaos. WH Advisor Larry Kudlow is on cable TV right now saying the US has contained Coronavirus, just hours after the CDC warned Americans to prepare for significant disruptions to their lives.

For those who want to know more, I’ve found an obituary for Col. Roy Knight Jr.

One final thought from the former head of ICE: "I don’t understand why we’re doing this. From a border security perspective this adds nothing to securing our borders”

Trump has now sent more tweets condemning CEO's who quit his business council than he has white supremacists and the Charlottesville attack.

Our incoming plane is carrying the remains of an American pilot shot down over Vietnam in 1967. His remains were only recently recovered and identified and brought back to the US.

Trump is on Fox News right now. He says he thinks New York will be “fine” “based on the numbers” and won’t need all the ventilators they’ve asked for. “After this is over they’ll be selling them for a dollar a piece” he says.