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Jonathan Cheng

China Bureau Chief @WSJ. Formerly of Seoul, New York and Hong Kong bureaus.

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@KeithZhai  A Ukrainian official said Kyiv was cautiously receptive, but said China’s peace plan doesn’t have a clause on the withdrawal of troops from all territory occupied by Russia—a key Ukrainian criterion for any peace deal.

@alexandrawexler  S. Africa's textile union and retail federation allege that Shein deliberately sends its goods in small packages of lesser value to reduce import duties. Those duties have been put in place to help local industry compete against cheap imports.

The Pentagon unveiled plans to boost spending on munitions to deter China and backfill supplies sent to Ukraine, though defense contractors are still struggling to match the extra demand. “We are buying to the limits of the industrial base." @dougcameron 

NYT editorial board member: "Almost nobody I spoke with had confidence that Taiwan could withstand an attack without the direct involvement of American soldiers."

Reuters: "Asked if he would speak to Xi soon, Biden said 'yes,' but to another question as to whether he would tell journalists when they would talk, he replied 'no.'"


Just FYI, satellite imagery suggests N. Korea is continuing to upgrade its nuclear enrichment facility. @38NorthNK 

Yuzuru Hanyu’s Chinese fans, armed with banners and Winnie the Pooh dolls, waiting outside the skating venue here in Beijing

No Tillerson? No problem. S. Korea's foreign minister, originally scheduled to meet Rex in Washington, will meet Ivanka instead.

The power of the BTS fandom: After T-shirt controversy, an ambitious examination of what happened, what didn't and how it played out—by "ordinary BTS fans who believe in the power of knowledge and discussion."

And here it is: the English-language translation of N. Korea's latest statement, taking aim pretty clearly at John Bolton.

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"The English did not bring political democracy to Hong Kong, but they did bring the common law and its belief in and practices for subjecting government to the rule of law." @jeromeacohen 

WSJ editorial board: "New satellite photos show that Kim Jong Un is continuing to develop his nuclear weapons program…This wasn’t supposed to happen after the Donald Trump-Kim summit last month in Singapore."

Epidemiologist and Hong Kong government adviser writes column saying it's okay to call it the “Wuhan coronavirus” and adding there's no evidence the virus came from the U.S.—then retracts it and apologizes. "Maybe no one loves the country more than I do."