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I spent some time with @AndrewYangVFA , wondering if his peculiar candidacy might be ahead of the curve in saying it’s too late to change some of what’s happening in the economy and climate Plus, listen to our whole conversation on #RadioAtlantiche  podcast:

Biden tonight said at a fundraiser he was going to run in 2016 but “not against Hillary as she’s my friend.” He also said “I had planned on running before she even announced.” He actively explored running into October 2015, five months after Clinton formally announced.

big news for the button wall - @SenGillibrand’s campaign is now printing them, making @MayorBdB  the only 2020 candidate without campaign buttons (or any other campaign gear)

@Hickenlooper  to me in June: “no one pays attention because my name’s not Bernie Sanders.”

Two 2020 candidates fully off the campaign trail at the moment: @TulsiGabbard  is in Indonesia doing National Guard training through the end of the month @JoeBiden  has been on vacation since Sunday in Delaware

@TomSteyer , chasing the last poll he needs to qualify for the September debate, up with a new ad on his outsider push: national referendum, term limits

Bill de Blasio is the only presidential candidate who releases a campaign schedule of his TV appearances:

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Buttigieg, reaching for Obama-ness at Iowa State Fair: he's running b/c he's filled w/hope - "I know hope went out of style for a while," but in standard dig at Obama's VP, "Don't let them tell you we're going to beat this president by saying we're going to go back to normal."

this will certainly help put all the internet conspiracy theories to rest


America 2019: bread lines for people who *have* jobs

Jill Stein raised $7 million for a 2016 recount. She’s been spending it on herself, her travel and her staff ever since

At an Ohio event where Obama made an unannounced stop on Thursday on his way to his Cleveland rally, one of the state’s biggest GOP donors announced he’d quit the party and likes what the former president has been saying lately about civility

In other words: the children who woke up in detention centers without their parents this morning will also go to sleep in detention centers without their parents tonight and for many nights to come, despite the paper the president signed this afternoon

SCOOP , just hired as Bernie Sanders' speechwriter and senior adviser, has been quietly writing speeches and advising him for months without disclosing it but while bashing pretty much every candidate in the field:

hey remember last week when a consortium of scientists around the world released an in depth study on how in 20 years or less we’re going to have a global crisis because of climate change that will kill millions and reshape the planet?

in the midst of all this, everyone has just internalized that the president had affairs with a porn star and Playboy model (right after his wife gave birth to his son), and then paid for their silence. Now it's just a back and forth about bank accounts and what's legal.