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More young people seeking help for back pain as working from home gets bedded in

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Happy birthday Joe Locke! Thank you for being the perfect Charlie Spring. Thank you for making so many young queer people feel seen. Thank you for having the kindest heart and thank you for making sure your voice is heard. But most of all, thank you for being you 🍂

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“In Brazil, a group of people doing CrossFit passed by outside a restaurant, but those eating thought they were running away from something and decided to run away with them”

#ChangeAgents | Millions in rural India want to click-and-order, but live where the long arm of #ecommerce  doesn't reach. @Ajaita_Shah 's @FrontierMkts  is solving the problem by turning rural women int #entrepreneurs . #SEOY  @schwabfound  @indiaseoy  @BhartiaJubilant  @ShereenBhan 

Getting a flu shot isn't just about protecting *yourself* from illness — you're also protecting your community, including those who are at risk of serious complications:

Declassified with his mind.

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Here are six former parks worth the trip for their rich history and sheer beauty alone. #NationalPublicLandsDay 

Strange but what strikes me most that there is always ONE ☝️ approved story for all the newspapers reporting on Ukraine. One version. For example: Article from the Swiss 20min - exactly the same in German, Austrian & other newspapers. Just copy pasted. Like in old Soviet times

Demonizing A/B testing. Without this "social experiment" (loaded phrase) they would not know how to improve prospects for all. LinkedIn Ran Social Experiments On 20 Million Users Over Five Years

BREAKING: Artemis moon launch delayed yet again, but this time because of Tropical Storm Ian (which is expected to become a major hurricane as it approaches Florida). NASA will roll the SLS rocket back to the assembly building for safety. Next possible launch date: October 2.