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Rescue Charity in England Uses a Drone and a Sausage to Save a Dog From Drowning

Woman Goes Home After Battling COVID-19 in an Arizona Hospital for Almost 7 Months

'Secrets of Playboy' Revealed in Disturbing Documentary About Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Mansion

4 People Including Teen and Baby Freeze to Death Crossing Border, DOJ Charges Florida Man for Human Smuggling

8-Year-Old Girl New to Chicago Dies After Being Shot in Head by Stray Bullet While Walking With Mom: Report

Stuntman and Motocross Athlete Travis Pastrana Breaks Pelvis in Parachuting Accident

Former Texas Police Officer Sued in Federal Court After Allegedly Hitting Suspect With His SUV

N-95 masks, which the CDC says offer “the highest level of protection” against COVID-19 are finally being made available to the public. Masks made at this New York warehouse are being shipped to local pharmacies across the country. @MaryCalviTV  and @AnnMercogliano  have more.


A new study shows that cats may be just as affectionate as dogs. The study, which was published in Current Biology, found that pet cats also have distinct attachment styles toward their owners in the same way dogs and babies do. 🧵

A recent Norwegian study reveals polar bears have turned to inbreeding and cannibalism to survive the effects of climate change on the Arctic. Inside their fight to live 🧵

A 100-year-old alleged ex-Nazi will stand trial in October after German prosecutors charged him for playing a role in nearly 3,500 deaths at a concentration camp north of Berlin. What we know 🧵

21-year-old Tiranda Plummer was diagnosed with kidney disease at just 9 years old, and at the age of 11, received a transplant from her stepmother. Then she got COVID-19 earlier this year, and the virus attacked her kidney. Thread:

Like thousands of other fathers, retired firefighter Lee Ielpi’s life was turned upside down on 9/11. 20 years later, his mission is to teach young people about the horrors of that day and the devastation of the recovery efforts that followed. 🧵:

If you love wine ✅ are willing to move to California for a year ✅ and wouldn’t mind earning $10k a month ✅ this thread is for you:

For our 2nd edition of #IETheIssue , we’re examining the modern misinformation landscape. In this piece, we report on how the CIA used disinformation to support the violent “Jakarta Method” in order to influence global politics. THREAD:

Chaos has struck at many McDonald’s locations around the world over the new #BTSMeal  inspired by the Korean boy band, #BTS . Take a peek inside the madness, 🧵:

Another Asian Giant Hornet’s nest was found and eradicated in Washington State. The first found this year, officials say the hornets were not happy to see them. Inside the murder hornet nest that was “bigger” and “more aggressive” than seen before 🧵