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Kyleigh Ward is only 6-years-old, but has had three open-heart surgeries and is waiting for a heart transplant. But it’s the kindergarten graduation, held just for her, that has this little fighter and her family overcome with emotion. THREAD:

21-year-old Tiranda Plummer was diagnosed with kidney disease at just 9 years old, and at the age of 11, received a transplant from her stepmother. Then she got COVID-19 earlier this year, and the virus attacked her kidney. Thread:

Chaos has struck at many McDonald’s locations around the world over the new #BTSMeal  inspired by the Korean boy band, #BTS . Take a peek inside the madness, 🧵:

If you love wine ✅ are willing to move to California for a year ✅ and wouldn’t mind earning $10k a month ✅ this thread is for you:

For our 2nd edition of #IETheIssue , we’re examining the modern misinformation landscape. In this piece, we report on how the CIA used disinformation to support the violent “Jakarta Method” in order to influence global politics. THREAD:

THREAD: As wildfires continue to threaten lives and land across the West Coast, many of firefighters on the front lines are inmates working for less than $2/day. They now have a path to record expungement, but some say that’s not enough. – @Mayanyani 

21-Year-Old College Student From Mississippi Is Searching for a Kidney

Thousands upon thousands of spiders swarmed Australia’s Victoria state this week. The arachnids appeared after heavy rains hit the area, causing them to move from the saturated ground. If you don’t like spiders, you might want to keep scrolling 🧵

Earlier this year, the story of a missing soldier named Vanessa Guillén set off the #IAmVanessaGuillen  movement, inspiring countless others to share their own stories of abuse and assault in the American military. @DeborahHasting8  reports. THREAD: