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Who will win the summer battle over crime – Boris Johnson or Keir Starmer? | @JohnRentoul 

We must learn to live with Covid – but the government is giving the public little confidence to do so | @vincecable 

Domininc Cummings just wants to be understood – like every other powerful man sidelined in politics | @youngvulgarian 

Black football fans shouldn’t be worrying about whether they will get home safely | @YasmineAhmed001 

The number of children being homeschooled could soon become a serious problem | @JimMooreJourno 

Biden can be the best president on disability rights or be bipartisan, not both

Britain has to rebuild its working relationship with the EU — it is common sense | Hamish McRae


The arrests in Hong Kong mark an end to democracy – unless we act | @Siobhain_Mc 

Sales of milk and cream to the EU have dropped by 96 per cent – and yet, silence from the Brexiteers | @Femi_Sorry 

Democracy is under threat – it’s time to form a new coalition of nations to protect our freedoms

Violent crime is up on the home secretary’s watch, while rape convictions are down. No wonder the government wants us talking about flags | @jessphillips 

We have to put maximum pressure on those who seek to repress freedom of speech | @natalieben 

Andrew Neil is better than his Rishi Sunak interview. GB News is either going to fold quickly or get very dark | @tompeck 

Dido Harding is wrong – the NHS would cease to function without foreign-born staff | @JujuliaGrace 

I’m the black barrister who was mistaken for a defendant three times in one day. My story is the tip of the iceberg | @EssextoOxford