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Louise Dewsbury has been a nurse for 40 years – here's how she believes we can begin to fix the NHS #NHSCrisis 

"He inclined his neck, he fake laughed, he looked at any moment like he might step out in to the audience and start ruffling their hair like a children’s party entertainer", writes @tompeck  #RishiSunak 

Shawcross, Sharp, Johnson and Zahawi: The cozy world of ‘Rishi’s mates’ Andrew Grice investigates #shawcross  #Zahawi 

"If I can’t back up my own convictions with corresponding action, then what am I showing my students?", says English Teacher@willtopps  #TeacherStrikes 

"We should demand high standards in public life. Zahawi has not only fallen below them – but worse, refuses to accept he has", says @_SeanOGrady  #NadhimZahawi 

Are we turning a blind eye to NHS privatisation? Do you agree? Please send your letters to letter @independent #NHSPrivatisation 

"Andrew Bagshaw and Christopher Parry died way too young. But the work they did was extraordinary", writes @Beltrew  #Ukraine 

"The poorest people are facing the catastrophic impacts of the human-created climate crisis, even when they are least responsible for the emissions", write @RoryStewartUK  and @DMiliband  #ClimateCrisis  #ClimateChange 

"The Conservative party’s support among women has cratered over the past few years, and shows no sign of recovering", writes @youngvulgarian  #RishiSunak 


The arrests in Hong Kong mark an end to democracy – unless we act | @Siobhain_Mc 

Brexit has laid bare the towering idiocy of Jacob Rees-Mogg – that’s a benefit, right there | @tompeck  #JacobReesMogg  #LBC  #Partygate 

"The prime minister hasn’t spoken in public for a week as the financial market crisis deepens," writes @JohnRentoul . "Where is Liz Truss?" #LizTruss  #poundcrash  #KwasiKwarteng 

Violent crime is up on the home secretary’s watch, while rape convictions are down. No wonder the government wants us talking about flags | @jessphillips 

Male suicide: It's time to face the stark truth about a growing crisis on #WorldSuicidePreventionDay  | @Hemmch 

"Using Izzard’s preferred pronouns is about simple, human respect and politeness – but this appears to be too difficult for Duffield," writes @harriepw  #EddieIzzard  #rosieduffield  #transrights 

"'The Labour Files' begins with the party’s top officials being so horrified by the left taking leadership under Jeremy Corbyn that they used every trick in the book to undermine him and his supporters" – @MSuhail0  #KeirStarmer  #TheLabourFiles  #FordeReport