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I was a swim coach and I agree with Tom Daley – trans athletes need more inclusion | @andrewmmcleod  #tomdaley 

‘We Will Adopt Your Baby’? No thanks – I wouldn’t want any child of mine to grow up with your views | @nakedvix  #RoeVsWadeOverturned  #WeWillAdoptYourBaby  #AbortionIsHealthcare 

Why is the monkeypox vaccine only being offered to men? | @ian_hamilton_  #monkeypox 

There’s no need to ‘cancel’ Laurence Fox – despite his swastika Pride flag stunt | @_SeanOGrady  #LaurenceFox  #CancelCulture 

Game, set, maths: You use Wimbledon’s scoring system every day without realising it | @Kit_Yates_Maths  #Wimbledon2022 

Letters: ECT can be beneficial – and patients should have the right to choose #ECT  #bipolar 

We’ll never be able to stamp out sleaze at Westminster – isn’t that depressing? | @youngvulgarian  #MeToo 


The arrests in Hong Kong mark an end to democracy – unless we act | @Siobhain_Mc 

Brexit has laid bare the towering idiocy of Jacob Rees-Mogg – that’s a benefit, right there | @tompeck  #JacobReesMogg  #LBC  #Partygate 

Violent crime is up on the home secretary’s watch, while rape convictions are down. No wonder the government wants us talking about flags | @jessphillips 

Male suicide: It's time to face the stark truth about a growing crisis on #WorldSuicidePreventionDay  | @Hemmch 

Media coverage of the platinum jubilee makes me uncomfortable to work in this industry | @Nadine_Writes  #PlatinumJubilee  #racism 

Imran Khan set fire to Pakistan’s constitution – we will resist his coup | @BBhuttoZardari  #ImranKhan