India Exit Poll / India Exact Poll

India Today TV gets it bang on AGAIN! India Today Exit Poll = India Today Exact Poll. #Promo  #IndiaTodayExactPoll 

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India Exit Poll / India Exact Poll

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Heavy snowfall across Jammu and Kashmir since Sunday evening has affected normal life of residents and tourists. India Today’s Ashraf Wani gets us more on this. #ReporterDiary  | @ashraf_wani )

Referring to India as a vibrant democracy and one with a bright future, Hindeburg's response goes on to add that the country's future is "held back by Adani Group."

#MintCharts | Did you know that a staggering 47% of the total expenditure was earmarked for defence in independent India’s first budget? Economic burden of the massive humanitarian crisis created by partition was evident as 11% was allocated towards rehabilitation of refugees.

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How five police officers were charged with the ‘heinous’ murder of Tyre Nichols

Temperatures on Monday are expected to be higher — between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius in #Delhi . #WeatherUpdate  #WeatherForecast 

High Commissioner for Refugees @FilippoGrandi  concluded a six-day visit to war-torn Ukraine, with a call for donors to stay the course and support the people who are suffering acutely.

#HindenburgResearch misled the public with its report, said #AdaniGroup  CFO Jugeshinder Singh. #HindenburgResearchReportR #HindenburgReporteport

Frontline ‘very tough’ as Putin’s attacks ‘constant’, Zelensky says – live

Elon Musk's mysterious ways on display in Tesla tweet trial

#BudgetWithMint | In this witty story, @kaul_vivek  explains the Union Budget through a conversational lens, simple & engaging enough for any family member to understand: