Youtuber / Mumbai

Korean woman YouTuber stalked and harassed on Mumbai street during live stream #ITVideo  #Mumbai 

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Youtuber / Mumbai

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Fauci is charging up to $100,000 for speaking engagements. Maybe he can donate some of that money to the small businesses he helped close.

President Biden should’ve shot down the Chinese balloon as soon as it entered US airspace. Instead, he waited until it collected all the data it needed – and shot it down after the mission was completed. Asinine.

What they did over the weekend was the opposite of good faith: deceptively leaking classified information on background to point the finger at the last administration to excuse their own failures. Caught, they now ‘fess up and plead honest mistake. Give me a break.

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Biden to deliver State of the Union address as polls show declining support - live

Heart health group Anteris Technologies is seeking to top up its cash warchest with a $24 million placement via Evolution Capital on Tuesday.

NEW: Unidentified balloons flew in several places including near Norfolk and Coronado—at lower altitude than this year’s & over ocean, per officials who served during Trump admin. Assessment at time suspected China but wasn’t definitive. Not elevated to WH

In just two years, some of Biden's accomplishments include: - historic inflation - a gas crisis -a supply-chain crisis - a baby formula crisis - a border crisis -a botched Afghanistan withdrawal

Last weeks spy balloon incident was nothing like any previous incident Not even close And anyone who claims otherwise is lying

NEW: MCCARTHY lays out some broad principles in debt limit speech in the Capitol. No specifics on cuts — besides no touching social security and Medicare. But a tiny bit more than he’s said before.

Tom Brady divides fans after posting mirror selfie in his boxers to complete bet