Casa Amor Love Island

When is Casa Amor on Love Island 2022?

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Casa Amor Love Island

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Democrats want to make the IRS larger than the Pentagon, the State Department, the FBI, and the Border Patrol combined. That's a terrible idea. We should abolish the IRS!

John Thune told me he expects GOP to try to eliminate the insulin provisions in the bill. He said he expects a Republican to offer a point-of-order to strike the $35 insulin cap. They likely will succeed because the parliamentarian has ruled it in violation of budget rules

This is big government run amok. My amendment would have struck the funding for 87,000 new IRS agents. But Democrats want to target the American people and their small businesses will more audits. These agents aren't going to go after billionaires. #votearama 

The democrats just blocked my effort to try & force Soros backed prosecutors to put dangerous criminals in jail

It’s been a long night, but my Democratic colleagues and I are determined and focused. We won’t sleep until we pass the Inflation Reduction Act.

Obviously Liz Cheney would not support Donald Trump for president in 2024. Now she says she almost certainly would not support Ron DeSantis, either. From @jmartNYT :

This year's annual Amaranth Yatra will conclude with Chhari Mubarak Pujan on 11th August. Watch this report by Ashraf Wani for more details. #ReporterDiary  #AmarnathYatra  @ashraf_wani )

A prestigious addition to our medals tally thanks to the bright Amit Panghal. He is one of our most admired and skilled Boxers, who has shown topmost dexterity. I congratulate him for winning a Gold medal and wish him the very best for the future. #Cheer4India 

It is hard to see how either side can take a step back. And Australia is now intimately linked to possible war in the Taiwan Strait by bipartisan policy.