David Ignatius

David Ignatius

I am a columnist for the Washington Post , a Harvard Kennedy School fellow and author of nine espionage thrillers.

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How do you run a "war production board" to deliver needed supplies during a national crisis? Paul Ignatius, my amazing 99-year-old Dad, recalls how he did it at the Pentagon during the Vietnam War in this brief essay he sent me today.

The Trump administration makes another disruptive shake-up in the intelligence community

Former intelligence chiefs: Trump’s removal of experts is deeply destructive to our nation’s safety - The Washington Post

Trump’s desire to reopen the economy is understandable—but NOT YET. Wait a few weeks, Flatten the curve, save lives, protect hospitals—don’t give in too soon to business pressure. Be hard now, to be gentle later.

Powell’s success at the Fed is a reminder of the importance of expertise

A powerful piece by @RNicholasBurns  about how @realDonaldTrump  missed—no, subverted—the chance to lead the world in what may be the greatest global crisis since WW2.

Mr. Secretary, with respect, your continuing reference to this as #WuhanVirus  is an embarrassment that would shock your predecessors as Secretary of State.