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  3. .@therealstanlee makes an appearance in the new teaser for #deadpool2!
.@TheRealStanLee makes an appearance in the new teaser for #Deadpool2!
.@TheRealStanLee makes an appearance in the new teaser for #Deadpool2!


The second MV Teaser for BoA’s full album’s title song ‘Woman’ will be dropped today at noon (KST)!
Don’t forget to check out her fascinating comeback stage on the 26th on ‘Music Bank’ as well!

🎧 ‘WOMAN’ Music Release: 2018.10.24. 6PM (KST)

#보아 #BoA #WOMAN

Take two minutes, turn up the volume as we leave you among the among the Great Blue Herons at Veterans Park in Hamilton Township, New Jersey. https://t.co/95Owlytofc
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As president of NYC transit, Andy Byford’s plan calls for hundreds of station renovations, thousands of new subway cars and more computer-based signals that run trains faster and more efficiently. Who’s footing the bill? State and local politicians are still figuring that out.
Andy Byford, a Brit with credentials from the London Tube to Toronto’s Transportation Commission, makes unexpected appearances around New York. He routinely pops up in subway stations to check in on customers.
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Gwyneth Paltrow has been spotted with her new husband Brad Falchuk for the first time https://t.co/wfPtNLvm3Y
A new technique known as genetic genealogy helped solve “The Golden State Killer” case and a dozen more cold cases. It’s created a revolutionary new tool for law enforcement, but bioethicists and civil rights groups have concerns. https://t.co/eGy94sTnsN
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You can pick up my New York Times #1 Best-Selling collaboration with President Bill Clinton for only $4.99!

See what made this terrifyingly authentic thriller the can't-miss book of the year! #ThePresidentIsMissing

Thomas Jefferson believed the Constitution should expire every 19 years and be replaced with a new one more suitable for the current times.
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