Americans Independence Day

Biden’s inflation tax is crushing Americans this Independence Day.

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Americans Independence Day

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The FBI searched former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate as part of an investigation into whether he took classified records from the White House to his Florida residence, people familiar with the matter said Monday

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This sort of move requires serious levels of trust by the American public in its institutions. That trust no longer exists. If those institutions fail yet again, and target the leader of Joe Biden's political opposition in doing so, this looks like banana republic stuff.

If you're upset at the FBI for enforcing the law, your problem isn't with the FBI, it's with the law. If you're outraged that the Department of Justice is investigating a serial criminal, your problem isn't with DoJ, it's that you are on the side of a criminal.

If Sandy Berger shoves classified documents in his pants, that's unqualifiedly a legal violation. But the president has the ability to declassify materials before leaving the White House. So this is even more dicey for the FBI and DOJ than usual, requiring real specifics.

Former VP aspirant Walden Bello, who was arrested by QCPD on Monday due to cyber libel charges, says he will soon be posting bail. "The money has already been presented to the RTC," he said. | via @ZyannAmbrosio  Related story:

The story tonight is that the former president of the US was (and is) a national security risk. If anything, the US government response to his theft of classified documents was too slow. Those who condemn the raid show grotesque contempt for the law & disregard for our security.

Since 2009, Israel has indicted its sitting prime minster, France has prosecuted and convicted two former presidents, and South Korea has prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned two of its former presidents. All were on corruption charges. It’s not unheard of among democracies.

FBI Director Chris Wray must have known about the Trump Mar-a-Lago raid when he was smirking through his Thursday testimony and then flipped the bird to the Senate by cutting out early and flying the FBI bird to his family’s holiday home in the Adirondacks