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Please don’t poison yourself because Donald Trump thinks it could be a good idea.

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Donald Trump

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I've stood alongside @KamalaHarris  in attempt after attempt to finally pass anti-lynching legislation. On the day of George Floyd's memorial, today would've been a symbolic day to come together and do it. But one person stands in the way.

Can’t unsee that video of the Buffalo PD. Completely unconscionable. Literally disgusted by it. And enraged that they said he “tripped and fell.” Shameful stuff.

He was reviewed for using force 79 times in three and a half years on the job. This is why we protest.

Imagine where we would be if they didn't put cameras on cell phones? And now imagine all that we aren't seeing. And didn't see. And will not see.

"We’ve heard a steady drumbeat of lies, distortions, and disingenuousness from the mainstream media about almost every aspect of the unrest now gripping American cities," John Daniel Davidson writes.

@JudicialWatch  President@TomFitton  on #electionintegrity : “The Coronavirus has blown up the economy and destroyed our freedoms, and now the Left wants to destroy our free and fair #elections .” More at

Maybe it's time for some enterprising blue-state municipality to go bold and eliminate its police force. See what happens.

“Tripped and fell.” Video shows officers shoving the man, who as a result stumbled backward and fell, lying motionless on the sidewalk as officers stood and looked at him.

Tear gas is a chemical weapon banned in war. It should never be allowed on the streets of our country.

@SenTomCotton  on FOX: “My oped doesn’t meet the New York Times standards. It far exceeds their standards, which are normally below left wing sophomoric drivel.”