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As currently postured, the U.S. military is only marginally able to meet the demands of defending America's vital national interests. Dakota Wood explains why: “We have really under-invested over a number of years.”

Lockdowns, mask-wearing, and “waiting for a vaccine” are not solutions. We need a plan that relies on existing technology: Letting Americans use rapid testing that they can read at home to learn if they are infected. Insights from @Dougsbriefcase :

The primary focus of our #COVID19  response should center on helping those known to be most at risk—nursing homes, the elderly and the vulnerable, and those who work with them. Anything else, especially now, would be unconscionable.

On elections, DHS is an advisor on cybersecurity—not the nation’s policeman of #ElectionFraud 

How do we ensure fraud does not occur during ballot counting? “There ought to be an observer at every single table where the recount is occurring” @HvonSpakovsky  via @RealClearNews :

By consciously removing themselves from the socially rigid class system and its obligations, the Pilgrims ensured a great degree of economic freedom. -

WATCH @gundisalvus  on @OANN  calling out the hypocrisy of @robindiangelo ’s woke leftism.

Buried deep within the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act lies a provision that provides legal rights and protections to the nation’s largest banks—largely forgotten by the public and all but ignored by federal financial regulators

@tzsmith  joined @LarsLarsonShow  to discuss the gross irregularities in the Wayne County, Michigan election—and why it should be investigated.


Is Twitter censoring those who speak out about the risks associated with mail-in voting? @HvonSpakovsky  joined @Liz_Wheeler  to lay out the facts—and what ALL Americans need to know about #voterfraud 

Who do ballot harvesters most commonly target and steal votes from? The poor and elderly. A vote-by-mail election would make #voterfraud  even worse:

In 2018, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents seized 2,400lbs of fentanyl. That’s enough to kill the entire population of the United States. And a 73% increase over what was seized the previous year.

Things to remember before travels to Europe: -Russia is the aggressor—Ukraine is the victim -Crimea belongs to Ukraine -NATO & US troops in Europe serve our national interests -Europeans must spend more on defense -Putin's track record shows he can't be trusted

When polled, 46% of San Francisco residents have plans to move out of the area—61% said they planned to leave the state—with Texas being a primary destination. When they arrive, conservatives need to make sure these folks understand what caused the dysfunction they're fleeing.

1964: Berkeley students march to demand free speech. 2017: Berkeley students riot to demand free speech be denied.

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There was an unprecedented number of lawsuits filed before election day—with one common theme: ALL tried to eliminate security protocols for absentee ballots and tried to implement vote harvesting in every state.

Would the world have stood up to China's meddling in the WHO if the U.S. hadn't led the way? It seems unlikely. The U.S. has led on an important issue—and made a difference: