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Henry Foy

Financial Times Moscow Bureau Chief. Previously in London, Warsaw & Bombay PGP: 0E14 7217 6563 5CE2 DA9D E68A FD46 F062 3B41 FF43 henry.foy@ft.com

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“They touched upon, in particular, the prospects for registration in the EU of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, as well as possible supplies & joint production of this drug in EU countries.” Not sure I would describe that as “in negotiations to supply”

Keen to increase arms sales to a military junta shooting its own people, Russia strides in the diplomatic void in post-coup Myanmar - “It’s a low-risk gamble as Russia has little to lose if Myanmar descends into civil war” w @JohninJerusalem  @FinancialTimes 

Russia's prison service says @navalny 's health is ‘satisfactory’ after supporters raise alarm over his condition in notorious prison colony via @FinancialTimes 

One of them was literally caught by Italian police buying documents off an Italian naval officer in a park in Rome last night. But Moscow will say this is all Russophobic fake news & likely kick out Italian diplomats in response

Last Saturday, as junta troops killed an estimated 169 people, Russia’s deputy defence minister was guest of honour at a military parade. “Myanmar is not on Russia’s doorstep, so they don’t have to worry about the fallout, and deal with the refugee crisis,” said @HerveLemahieu 

Well, he comes into the picture every Sunday evening so I’m not sure you should read too much into it

Russia, which has accused the EU of dragging its heels on approval for its @sputnikvaccine , is apparently intentionally delaying approval for China's Covid-19 vaccine in order to favour its domestic jabs, BBG reports


Vladimir Putin gave Rex Tillerson a medal. Now Donald Trump is set to make him US Secretary of State. Brace yourself.

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Trump in opening remarks to Finnish President in Helsinki thanks him for his support, and says NATO has never been stronger. Finland isn't in NATO.

The sheer insanity of MPs and citizens cheering as their currency collapses and the stock market prepares for a colossal selloff

Billionaire behind hard Brexit lobby group buys himself Maltese citizenship - so he’ll keep EU benefits even as his organisation argues you should lose yours

Brexit won't make a difference, they said. They'll have to buy our cars, they said. UK carmaker investment down 75%

Russia’s constitution now: + Bans gay marriage + Mandates the teaching of patriotism to children + Demands the rebuttal of “false” historical narratives + Allows Moscow to disregard the rulings of international human rights tribunals + Deepens Kremlin control over internet access