South Africa

Lots of caveats; too soon to know. But early info from South Africa provide tantalizing hints that #Omicron  may trigger milder illness. With thoughts from @MarionKoopmans , @AmeshAA  & @PeterHotez .

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South Africa

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BREAKING: UAE successfully intercepts ballistic missiles fired at Abu Dhabi

The rule they make next season allowing both teams to get the ball in overtime should be called The Josh Allen Rule

Skiers in Finland were treated to a dazzling light show from the aurora borealis stretching across the darkened sky.

Julian Assange faces a 175 year sentence if extradited for revealing war crimes & human rights abuses including the #CollateralMurder  gunning down of civilians, including children and 2 @Reuters  journalists

I don’t tweet this lightly. Best. Football. Playoff. Weekend. In modern times. Regardless of your team.

Bad defense and decision making there by Buffalo

People made the exact same argument about Czechoslovakia in 1938. We all know that worked out.

The United States ordered the departure of family members of staff at its embassy in Ukraine, citing the continuing threat of military action from Russia, and said Americans should consider departing immediately

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We'll hear a lot about the unfairness of overtime rules. But the Bills kicked it in the end zone with 13 seconds left rather than using 4-6 seconds with a squib kick. And then let KC get in FG position. But what a game..

Critical Incident thread: An armed subject has shot a 4th District officer. The officer has been transported to the hospital & a barricade has been declared in the 1400 block of Quincy Street NW. On-scene briefing is forthcoming.