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We looked into the interviewees on #Panorama  last night. Every single one of them was a pro-Labour activist before the pandemic. Every single one. It was a party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party.

UK suicide rate is higher than UK’s Covid death rate.

More people were reported to have died of stabbings than Covid in London yesterday.

UPDATE: When Jess Phillips told Owen Jones she would stab a politician she disagreed with...

Anyone else noticed that no children are sleeping on NHS floors now the election is over?

The Speaker organising a meeting of party leaders today in Westminster whilst one party is having a conference in Manchester. Do you need any more evidence of his partiality? The worst.

Lincoln's statue defaced with graffiti. President Lincoln, who fought a Civil War because he believed Black Lives Mattered. The ignorance is beyond parody.

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Sweden is raising their social crowd limit from 50 to 500 whilst England is cutting to 6 people. 😕