I just announced Texas is OPEN 100%. EVERYTHING. I also ended the statewide mask mandate.

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BREAKING: UEFA says every player and club who participate in new Super League will be banned from UEFA and FIFA football tournaments

BREAKING: Ontario lowering age cutoff for AstraZeneca vaccine to 40 starting Tuesday

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JUST IN: Clubs in Super League will reportedly receive €3.5 billion for their 'infrastructure investment plans'

Ontario will begin offering AZ to people 40 and older as of Tuesday. This comes hours after the provincial govt wrong suggested it was up to the federal govt to make that change. It was not.

“When you’re poor… it seeps through your mind. It’s not just a financial state. It’s an invisibility state. It’s a worthlessness state,” says actress Viola Davis, who grew up in poverty, one of six children in Central Falls, Rhode Island.

A person of interest has been arrested after a shooting at a Wisconsin bar left 3 people dead and 3 injured, authorities say.

The coverage of John Boehner's revisionist history book tour leaves a lot to be desired.

Harvard professor David Williams’ research shows that even when treated in the same health care settings, Black Americans are less well-cared-for than White Americans and have worse outcomes.

Sec. of State Antony Blinken defends Pres. Biden's pledge to withdraw troops from Afghanistan: "We went to Afghanistan 20 years ago, and we went because we were attacked on 9/11... we achieved the objectives that we set out to achieve."

WATCH: A cat invaded the soccer pitch in Turkey as players broke their Ramadan fast during a match 🐈