Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.

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From crafting headlines to influencing them! @Greenpeaceafric Head of Communications @MbongAkiy  looks back on her unbelievable decade of activism with Greenpeace ✊💚 #GP50th  #Greenpeace50 

It's time for a #WealthTax  to make the ultra-rich pay their fair share to clean up this mess – while stopping their own giant emissions.

In northern and northeastern Russia, climate change is thawing the permafrost on which everything is built. @greenpeaceru  has already warned that it is causing major risks to oil & gas pipelines and other infrastructure. Take the hint. #FossilFreeFuture 

They now increasingly share another rite of passage that may sound familiar to young humans: under stress from the climate crisis, working longer hours to eat, and faced with the logistical difficulties of a traveling partner

Some countries have historically contributed much more to the climate crisis than other, more vulnerable ones. We must tackle the climate emergency with justice for those most affected by it at its core.

Last week, Brazil’s deforestation data came out, and the news was staggering: a 22% increase in deforestation in the Amazon. Bolsonaro’s government is a threat to biodiversity, Indigenous People’s lives and to the global climate.

Most gift wrapping is made out of hard-to-recycle mixed materials and so goes straight to landfill. Here are some easy tips for you to reduce your waste and give someone a present with a memorable wrapping!

They made millions from it. They threatened our health and poisoned the land.

👏👏👏 @Greenpeace_ITA  Global soya production has more than doubled since 1997, driven by growing demand for animal feed to supply the factory farms that produce much of Europe's meat and dairy. It's time to fix this broken food system. #ClimateCrisis 

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Hmm, if you get over 200k we’ll ask the Captain if you can join our expedition to the Antarctic and dance with the penguins. have happened #StrangerThings 

Industrial meat production is a monster that is destroying the rainforest. Share this video and demand companies and governments protect our forests. Take action >>> #ActForAmazon  #BrazilOnFire 

Today, the Japanese government decided to dump over 1.23 million tons of Fukushima radioactive waste water stored into the Pacific Ocean. This decision completely disregards the human rights and interests of the people in Fukushima, wider Japan, and the Asia-Pacific region. [1/3]

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Did you know that 16 countries in Africa are now facing a #ClimateEmergency ? Tell government and industry leaders to act NOW >> #ClimateEmergency 

"This is greenwashing!" Greta Thunberg and Jennifer Morgan interrupt and challenge Shell, BP and the big banks' #COP26  carbon offsetting panel. Carbon offsetting is a way for polluters to avoid real emissions cuts, avoid real climate action!

Around 1 million species now face extinction, many within the next few decades. Experts are warning that the nature crisis could be as dangerous as the climate crisis as we all depend on nature.


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The first draft of the #COP26  agreement text has been revealed, and contains no mention of the need to end fossil fuel emissions - critical to keep global temperatures under 1.5c. Unacceptable. #RealZero 

Did you know that over two-thirds of textiles are made from fossil fuels? 🏭 🛢️ Fashion’s hidden addiction to fossil fuels to make synthetic clothes is bad for our health, nature and the climate. #ActOnClimate 

More that 70% of all mining that happened in Brazil between Jan-April 2020 took place in protected areas, including Indigenous Lands. The Brazilian gvmt must act to protect Indigenous Peoples, who were already threatened by invaders even before the pandemic.