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You may be incompetent. But you will never be as incompetent as Elon Musk.

Florida is a red state now. Let’s lift the embargo on Cuba.

tfw you burn a quarter of your net worth on buying Twitter and don't even get to run it because you're too insecure and get voted out by the Twitter usership : (

This is the most entertaining day in the history of Twitter.

Brazilian January 6th is literally happening right now. Bolsonaro supporters storming Congress.


In 2006 Amy Klobuchar, then a district attorney, declined to bring charges against a cop who had shot and killed a Native American man. Two days ago that cop, Derek Chauvin, murdered George Floyd. Amy Klobuchar needs to resign.

These are all real quotes from senior Israeli officials.

Biden just dropped student debt cancellation down to zero. That’s right, the Biden administration has decided to cancel $0 in student debt.

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Number of citizens who lost health care coverage since the pandemic began: 14,600,000 United States 0 Australia 0 Belgium 0 Canada 0 Denmark 0 Finland 0 France 0 Germany 0 Italy 0 Japan 0 Norway 0 South Korea 0 Spain 0 UK

The long wait is over. We're proud to announce the launch of the Gravel Institute, fighting PragerU on its own turf. Watch this video to find out what we're doing – and hear a special surprise.

Five people have extinguished the right to abortion for hundreds of millions of ordinary people. None were elected. This is "democracy."

If the NYPD were an army, it would be one of the largest in the world. It has offices in 11 foreign cities. It has six submarine drones. If it can't stop an attack in its own city's subway system, it's not because of a lack of funding.

Today, the minimum wage would be $23 if it had grown at the rate of productivity since 1960. You are being exploited.

The $15 minimum wage just failed, because 8 Democrats voted against it. The Democrats broke their promise. The Dems who voted no are: Joe Machin (WV) Jon Tester (MT) Jeanne Shaheen (NH) Maggie Hassan (NH) Angus King (ME) Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) Tom Carper (DE) Chris Coons (DE)