Gov. Mike Huckabee

Gov. Mike Huckabee

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You're Not a Bigot for Noticing Biden's View on Gender | via @Newsmax 

Stood in rain for hour to early vote today. When I got home I filled in my stack of mail-in ballots and then voted the ballots of my deceased parents and grandparents. They vote just like me! #Trump2020 

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Ppl on left went berserk over my tongue-in-cheek tweet about voting. But these "resistance radicals" make no sense. They swear there is NO voter fraud & then go nuts over a satirical mention of it. Why so upset over something they say doesn't even exist?

I'm on @foxandfriends  @FoxNews  7:30amET w/ @kilmeade  @SteveDoocy  @ainsleyearhardt  to talk how corrupt social media is trying to rig elections and steal freedom of speech.

Only job Biden’s ever had since his 20’s was a govt job and he’s 77. Somehow in the 2 years after leaving the office of VP, he made $16 million. Hmmm...Help my PAC elect more conservatives who will fight DC corruption

John Piper's TDS has impaired his thought process and @FDRLST  calls him out on it. Let's hope he repents and recants or we'll have to rebuke so he can be restored and refreshed.

I'll be on @OutnumberedOT  @FoxNews  1:40ET today w/ @HARRISFAULKNER  but with so little going on I don't know we will find to talk about!

Thanks to @realDonaldTrump  Operation Warp Speed to accelerate & incentivizing drug companies, but Gov "No-Show" Cuomo" will tell NY not to take it.


Beto's excuse for writing sick stories about killing children: he was just a dumb 16-year-old who didn't know any better. But hey, let's lower the voting age to 16!

If you (Pelosi, Biden, et al) can't truly celebrate the historic Abraham Accord for peace negotiated by @realDonaldTrump  then what DO you celebrate? War? Chaos? Iran funding killing of Americans? It's a legit question.

Dems want @realDonaldTrump  tax returns-a friend sent this: "We don't need to see tax return of billionaire who became public servant. We need to see tax returns of public servants who became millionaires while public servants.”

Just heard MSNBC pays Rachel Maddow $7 mil a year. The average salary for a garbage truck driver is $40,000. Why is delivering garbage worth 175 times more than hauling it away?

My wife & I also harassed going from @WhiteHouse  to hotel after RNC b/c mob-loving Mayor of DC let loose the lunatics & handcuffed cops instead of sending them to control the hateful & violent mob. Who in his/her right mind will take family to DC & spend $$ as tourists?

Dems blame @realDonaldTrump  & GOP, but no GOP in power in Minneapolis in 50 yrs. It's one of most liberal cities in America. Why is THEIR justice system so systematically racist? Given Dems' promises & decades of total control, shouldn’t it be LEAST racist system in US?

What would federal judge do if Acosta "challenged" him in his courtroom and argued and wouldn't shut up when judge told him to and refused to give up mic when bailiff tried to retrieve it? Asking for a friend. And for half of America.

Just Dad talking-I'm profoundly grateful to @realDonaldTrump  for the kind, respectful way he treated @PressSec  for over 3 yrs she worked for him. Reason I hold most media in contempt is they don't know or care about truth. Thanks, @POTUS  for treating Sarah like the lady she is.

Hillary tweeted, “Q for Trump as he meets Putin: Do U know which team you play for?” never accepted $500K dollars for 1 speech from Russian bank, taken $140m for his foundation from Russian sources, or sold Russia 1/5 of US uranium supply. Which team are YOU on, Hillary?