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Gov. Mike Huckabee

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Nike has no problem making & selling stuff in Communist China where SLAVE LABOR makes their crap, but won't sell in @Israel  a free democracy? Anti-Semitic bigotry! Nike To Terminate Sales In Israeli Stores

70% of Georgians said they would vote for Trump in 2024, and 55.5% disapprove of the job Biden is doing. Makes you wonder how Biden could have won Georgia, but you’d better not wonder that out loud.

Breaking wind from CNN! Coke will announce name change today to "Woke-A-Cola" which has been approved by the Chinese Communist Party & by the leftist loons who the company bows to more than their actual customers. #CancelCulture 

I've often said roughest politics are church politics! SBC in Nashville this week. Glad to stand w/ @ronniefloyd  & @PastorMikeStone  as they get attacked. I'm impressed w/ @PastorMikeStone  & my friend @ronniefloyd  is rock solid-known him over 30 yrs; trust him.

My friend @toddstarnes  is back with a biscuit! Just released “Our Daily Biscuit…with a Southern Drawl.” You will have to supply your own butter, gravy or sorghum.

If they were giving medals for kneeling, we might be winning some. USA wins no medals to open Summer Olympics, first time since 1972 via @MailOnline 

When you need to show your papers to order a steak dinner but not to vote, something is wrong.

2nite 6pm ET on @newsmax  I’ll join @seanspicer  and will wear the shirt he wore when he was on @DancingABC  so you’ll want to watch! I’m sure he will be in a suit.


Proving he doesn't hold grudges, @realDonaldTrump  just announced he's sending a delegation immediately to China consisting of Mitt Romney, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler.

Dems want @realDonaldTrump  tax returns-a friend sent this: "We don't need to see tax return of billionaire who became public servant. We need to see tax returns of public servants who became millionaires while public servants.”

Dems blame @realDonaldTrump  & GOP, but no GOP in power in Minneapolis in 50 yrs. It's one of most liberal cities in America. Why is THEIR justice system so systematically racist? Given Dems' promises & decades of total control, shouldn’t it be LEAST racist system in US?

My wife & I also harassed going from @WhiteHouse  to hotel after RNC b/c mob-loving Mayor of DC let loose the lunatics & handcuffed cops instead of sending them to control the hateful & violent mob. Who in his/her right mind will take family to DC & spend $$ as tourists?

If this toilet paper shortage continues I might be forced to subscribe to home delivery of The NY Times!

Took WH lawyers just 2 hrs to gut the Dems' case like a fish & expose Schiff-Pyle as the blatant liar he is in the bargain. Then they clocked out early. 23 hrs of Democrat politician BS blown away by 2 hrs of Trump-hired competence. A typical @realDonaldTrump  vs. govt outcome.