Gov. Mike Huckabee

Gov. Mike Huckabee

Hosts “Huckabee" on TBN Sat 8/11pm ET, Sun9pm ET;Fox News contributor, author, Fmr AR Gov, Bass Guitarist, grandfather of 7 cutest kids in world!

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I’ve decided to “identify” as Chinese. Coke will like me, Delta will agree with my “values” and I’ll probably get shoes from Nike & tickets to @MLB  games. Ain’t America great?

I've often said roughest politics are church politics! SBC in Nashville this week. Glad to stand w/ @ronniefloyd  & @PastorMikeStone  as they get attacked. I'm impressed w/ @PastorMikeStone  & my friend @ronniefloyd  is rock solid-known him over 30 yrs; trust him.

Media Research Center notes none of big 3 networks mentioned bombshell docs revealing Dr. Fauci apparently lied to Senate abt NIH funding gain-of-function research on viruses in China, & possibility that experiments he funded resulted in COVID-19.

Whether Elon Musk ultimately buys Twitter, he’s done the world an invaluable service by forcing leftists to admit that Twitter & other social media outlets are biased & censorious, & that there's nothing that terrifies the left more than people having freedom of speech.

I hope @elonmusk  will insist that all Twitter posters use their real names & not be keyboard cowards hiding behind silly little sophomoric screen names. Be man enough or woman enough (if you even know what that is) to stand by what you say! If you can’t own it don’t say it.

Unhinged. When leftists don't get their way, they howl at the moon, let go primal screams, threaten & arrogantly take umbrage at not getting their way. It's how petulant spoiled brats act who never learned to play well w/ others. #lizblowsgasket 

Today @janethuckabee  & I early voted in AR GOP primary. We voted @SarahHuckabee  to be our next Governor. Proud of consistent conviction conservative who’s pro-life! #sarahforgovernor 

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The tiny group of GOP tots having a tantrum over @kevinomccarthy  have made their point, but it's time to quit holding the whole country hostage w/ these dead-end tactics. Some of the hold-outs are friends & people I supported, but ENOUGH! Vote@kevinomccarthy  & do your job!


The media is having a stroke over it, but @realDonaldTrump  6 page ltr to Nancy Pelosi is one every American should read. @realDonaldTrump  was elected b/c he will fight back against "the elitist ruling class" that despises the rest of us. Thank you @POTUS 

I would like to sincerely thank the media, the pink hat resistance and the Congressional Dems. You have absolutely energized what was a lethargic GOP. You refused to accept results of 2016-we can’t afford to let you continue your contempt for Constitution and rule of law.

I lived through Pentagon Papers and Watergate, Iran Contra and Whitewater and more but 1st time in my life seeing Press trying to keep lid on govt actions rather than fully expose. They hate THAT much. More than they love truth. Sad. Journalism is dead.

Rand Paul nearly murdered and guy gets 30 days. Manafort goes to slammer. Meantime Peter Strzok still getting FBI paycheck courtesy of taxpayers. Cause to be cynical? Asking for a friend.

I hope my candidates win, but if not, I'll still cherish my right to vote. I won't scream at ppl in restaurants, scratch on doors of SCOTUS, urge ppl to blow up gov't bldgs, threaten to leave country, or cry like a 5 year old. I'll just work harder next time. What about you?

Jim Carrey, born in Canada, made MILLIONS in USA, and now says "Embrace socialism." You go first, Jim-give all YOURS away. Guess he is now playing both DUMB AND DUMBER.

Jussie Smollett charged with being a liar and fraud and making a lot of politicians and Hollywooders look like chumps. Why didn't the cops surround HIS house with 29 SWAT guys at 5am and march HIM on his lawn w/ CNN tipped off and taping?