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Gov. Mike Huckabee

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Musical magic w/ @ChynnaPhillips  who sings via Skype from home in CA backed up by house band Tre Corley and Music City Connection. Chynna is terrific even if 1000 miles from studio & band!

Gotta hand it to Joe Biden. He IS consistent! Consistenly WRONG. (But he doesn't realize it.)

I'll be going on with the ladies of @OutnumberedFNC  soon. There is a stay at home order for 95% of America...mostly to make sure everyone is tuned in to @FoxNews  at noon ET. At least that what they told me. And I believe the women!

Bill DeBlabbio is a wretched & disgusting ingrate for the lie and smear against @SamaritansPurse  who I've seen up close care for ppl regardless. He owes them an apology for questioning their integrity. Just b/c HE doesn't have any, no excuse for this!

I believe coronavirus is real threat for sure, but how far do we let government go in controlling us? Are we moving toward a police state?

A favorite feature from my weekly @tbn  show is ICYMI. We don't take all the news seriously. You shouldn't either!

Stop the presses! I'll be on @seanhannity  2nite on @FoxNews  at 9pm and Sean will be administering a dose of Castor Oil to me b/c all the hydroxychloroquine has been used by Dems who don't believe it works.

Ladies and Germs! In a new version of the "Masked Singer" on @FoxNews  I join @IngrahamAngle  2nite for a re-mix duet of "Islands in the Stream" (with SD "that is what we are!") at 10pm ET. Open window of home or apartment & sing loud with us!


Proving he doesn't hold grudges, @realDonaldTrump  just announced he's sending a delegation immediately to China consisting of Mitt Romney, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler.

If this toilet paper shortage continues I might be forced to subscribe to home delivery of The NY Times!

The press is disgraceful. They said @realDonaldTrump  denies science, will choose economy over lives & when he follows the public health advice and extends shut-down, the media still can't show respect. They are a stain on authentic journalism. Pure political hacks.

Beto's excuse for writing sick stories about killing children: he was just a dumb 16-year-old who didn't know any better. But hey, let's lower the voting age to 16!

Just heard MSNBC pays Rachel Maddow $7 mil a year. The average salary for a garbage truck driver is $40,000. Why is delivering garbage worth 175 times more than hauling it away?

Took WH lawyers just 2 hrs to gut the Dems' case like a fish & expose Schiff-Pyle as the blatant liar he is in the bargain. Then they clocked out early. 23 hrs of Democrat politician BS blown away by 2 hrs of Trump-hired competence. A typical @realDonaldTrump  vs. govt outcome.

Between the 2 of them, Bernie and Biden have total of 78 YEARS in Congress. 78 YEARS! And they are talking abt what they WILL do if elected @POTUS  ? If they've been there 78 yrs, why in heck didn't they do that stuff already?

Just Dad talking-I'm profoundly grateful to @realDonaldTrump  for the kind, respectful way he treated @PressSec  for over 3 yrs she worked for him. Reason I hold most media in contempt is they don't know or care about truth. Thanks, @POTUS  for treating Sarah like the lady she is.

Memo to Doug Jones of AL: You said you've had sleepless nights over impeachment verdict. Good news! After Nov, you'll be able to sleep late every day. You'll be back in AL. Hope you enjoyed your brief time in the Senate. If you need some boxes to pack your stuff, let us know.