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Hi there. Could you tell us more about what's going on with your Google Assistant? We'll see what we can do to help.

You're in a foreign country. You don't speak or read the language. How do you get where you want to go? @googlemaps  can now translate and say it for you →

But who won the dance off?!

Search pro tip #4 : Start your search broadly, then narrow it down. 🔍 Here are 6 ways to find what you need →

🔍 🚗 🥣 = Just what you need on a cold Friday night. Use Google Search, @googlemaps  or the Assistant to get food delivered right to your door →

Hi Nithin. Thank you for your feedback, we are looking into this issue.

Hi, Ed. Can you follow us and let us know when you have so that we can get some details and look into this further? Thanks!

Lots of projects on your plate? Master multitasking and switch between Virtual Desks on #Chromebook  with this shortcut →

Half of mobile game players are women, but only 23% think there’s equal opportunity in the industry. @GooglePlay 's #ChangeTheGame  Design Challenge empowers female game-makers by encouraging teens to design original games. See what the finalists created →


The most memorable moments of 2017 started with a question. #YearinSearch 

Turns out it’s a lot easier to defend your house from bandits when you have the Google Assistant. Take it from . #HeyGoogle 

For International Women’s Day, we celebrate those working toward a more equal future. Explore top searched trends around women at . #IWD2018 

To the firefighters, EMTs, police officers and more who find ways everyday to help others in times of need, thank you. #ThankAFirstResponder 

The questions we asked in 2015 revealed who we are. See what we wanted to know. #YearInSearch 

#AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile ’s lives mattered. Black lives matter. We need racial justice now.

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As 2016 draws to a close, let’s take a look back through the moments that defined it. #YearInSearch 

We’ve changed a lot over the last 17 years, and today we’re changing things up again...

Here’s to first responders around the world who answer the call in times of crisis.