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We’re deepening our commitment to New York City with plans to purchase the St. John’s Terminal development in Manhattan. Learn more:

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#FirstDayofFall checklist includes: ✅ Videos of dogs jumping into leaf piles 🐶🍂 That’s the list.

Don't miss out on hearing how Google Search is innovating to keep up with the world's evolving questions. Tap below to set a reminder for #SearchOn  '21 on Sept 29 at 10AM PT


A love story about the moments that matter most, told with a little help from Google. #SuperBowlLIV 

This February, we're celebrating the Black history makers who have helped shape and influence American culture. According to @GoogleTrends  data, these icons, events and movements are #TheMostSearched  in the U.S. → #BHM 

The questions we asked in 2015 revealed who we are. See what we wanted to know. #YearInSearch 

Do these five simple things to help stop coronavirus (COVID-19). DO THE FIVE 1️⃣ HANDS: Wash them often 2️⃣ ELBOW: Cough into it 3️⃣ FACE: Don’t touch it 4️⃣ FEET: Stay more than 3ft (1m) apart 5️⃣ FEEL: Sick? Stay home *General public health information*

As 2016 draws to a close, let’s take a look back through the moments that defined it. #YearInSearch 

To support the millions of students and educators currently facing school closures, we're announcing #TeachFromHome —an initiative providing information, tips, resources and tools to help remote teaching and learning.

In times of uncertainty, people seek understanding and meaning. 2020 was a year of deep questioning, as the world searched "why" more than ever, according to Google Trends. Explore more trends from the year at #YearInSearch 

Protect yourself and everyone around you. Wear a mask.

Android has a new look. Inspired by Material You, we’ve rethought the entire experience for #Android12 , from colors to shapes, light and motion. It’s more personal and expressive — a one-of-a-kind design, just for you.