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Police said the caller told them there were four gunshots heard and several vehicles seen leaving the area.

Fifteen people — 14 adults and one youth — were arrested and face criminal charges of break and enter to commit mischief, according to RCMP.

“You could always tell her passion was caring for people."

“It’s a risky and slippery slope when you talk about providing people a right to discriminate."


“I know that there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of progressive Albertans who do not feel that [Premier] Jason Kenney speaks for them."

DO NOT ADJUST YOUR TELEVISION SCREEN... It's not *actually* a unicorn that you're seeing, it's @jordanwitzel . #Halloween 

‘Canada is terrible’ a video taken during a routine traffic stop in Edmonton by a WWE wrestler has gone viral. #yeg  #yegtraffict #WWE #laceyevansa #WWEliveffic live

Our Global1 helicopter was over a dramatic police pursuit in Calgary's northeast Monday morning. #yyc  #calgary 

WATCH: People's Party of Canada Maxime Bernier joins @DallasFlexhaug  to talk pipelines, immigration and energy corridors.

Stunning time-lapse footage captures rapidly-spreading wildfire in Fort McMurray#FortMacFire  #ymmfire  #ymmhelps 

Florida man opens fire on group of teens after mistaking their playing #PokemonGo  as an attempt to rob him

WATCH: @Janefonda  slams @JustinTrudeau  - "The lesson is we shouldn't be fooled by good looking Liberals."

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