75-year-old Texas woman flies through tornado in bathtub, lands in woods unharmed

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Startups, VCs in India request ‘relief package’ from the government to fight coronavirus disruption by @refsrc 

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"aww fuck, he made it through," Johnsons father said in a statement. THAT WOULD BE NEWS. The rest is propaganda.

"the brewing civil war between Trumpism and America’s budding 21st-century majority"

Total number of #coronavirus  positives in #Karnataka  crossed the 200 mark with 10 new positive cases confirmed in the state #coronavirusinindiai #coronaupdatesindianindia

"There is an underlying belief here that if you want to be safe from the coronavirus, you must protect those near you too. How can you be safe if your neighbors get infected?"

Who do you think won? The answer might surprise you.

If your #enterprise  demands a more #secure  video collaboration system than @zoom_us , take a look at these -- by @jonnyevans_cw .

ICYMI: Golf courses added to New York State COVID-19 nonessential business list