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Moderna released scant #Covid19  data to prevent a leak, CEO says via @statnews 

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At least 103 countries have laws that criminalize some aspect of sex work. The criminalization of sex work increases both the risk of sex workers acquiring HIV and their vulnerability to violence. Protect sex workers. Protect their rights. #AIDS2020Virtual 

The defendants allegedly used their management companies to take over rural hospitals in financial trouble and then used them to bill for tests.

"Secretly we're all a little more absurd than we make ourselves out to be." -J. K. Rowling #Writer 

New in APTA Magazine, successor to PT in Motion: No Olympic Games in 2020? PTs still are playing a role with world-class athletes.

#NIH funding news for #GlobalHealth  researchers: @NIHgrants  #COVID19  FAQs reviewed & revised. #DSIAfrica  Virtual Symposium Platform featured events begin August 10. @FulbrightPrgrm-Fogarty  Fellows in Public Health accepting applications for 2021-22.

‘Words can change the world. This is a truth that conservatives, who love to make fun of linguistic innovators as if they were divorced from reality, privately recognise and fear.’ @amiasrinivasan  on pronouns:

A recent seminar explored the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on some of the most vulnerable people

The majority of UK's greenhouse gas emissions now come from transport. The Government needs to increase funding for walking & cycling to min. £8bn over the next 5 years - our briefing paper outlines actions for a green and just recovery #LifeAfterLockdown 

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A program is just a piece of paper. What comes before it (assessment) gives it worth and what comes after it (coaching cues/relationships/environment) brings it to life.

In many African countries, dexamethasone costs less than $2 and is already widely available. The story might be different for other #COVID19  treatments, which is why agreements on fair global access must start now ⬇️ | @rashida_abbferr