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Hey Boo Topaki

i sing the reference tracks for royalty-free music. moonlighting as a window-washer for @nprcodeswitch.

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a couple years ago when Serena lost to Osaka in that final, it felt like Naomi had been built in a lab to beat her. a whole generation of players built games like this — bigger serves (or if that wasn’t physically possible, better counterpunching) better conditioning, etc.

shady in every direction, man.

The agency is reportedly enlisting the help of Tristan Thompson to appear in its PSAs.

just had a long, fascinating conversation with @TheBarbaraSmith  abt the Combahee River Collective, what ppl get wrong abt identity politics, the political utility of waffles and her recent binge watch of all 5 seasons of @insecurehbo .

A distressing number of kids at the Please Touch Museum are wearing Harvard t-shirts

There is an entire crop of young women — and young Black women, in particular — who point to the Williams sisters as their inspirations, either in how they built their games or in the ways they managed their careers.

(Like Jordan or LeBron, all the marveling/gawking at Serena’s physical abilities made people overlook just how technically complete she was.)

Do you want to be spend your time and money doing recovery and rehab work in the off-season or do you want to travel with your boo or vacation with your family? Do you want to have to keep passing on that wine or that burger?

If she doesn’t get that last Slam, who cares? She’s the best to ever do it. and maybe more importantly, there’s prolly no tennis player who has ever *mattered* more.


A cop fires 10 shots at a 16 y.o. Waits three seconds. Fires another shot. Walks 12 feet closer to the teenager, who is presumably incapacitated/bleeding out at this point. Another minute passes, and the cop shoots him four more times.

you know what? Here goes that story with @marclamonthill . *Wild.*

one of the wildest things abt white supremacy is how white people's feelings abt racism are always the terrain being contested and always presented as The Stakes.

FOH I’m supposed to trust this baby to come fix my water heater?

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The very sole of our nation depends on it

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Jonathan Ferrell was asking for help after a car crash. Tamir Rice was playing in a park. Akai Gurley was walking down the stairs.

"They shouldn't make The Doctor a woman or POC to make some political point!" Whiteness is not neutral. Maleness is not neutral.

The MOVE bombing was 32 years ago today.

Again: who counts as an "employee" at these companies? Are ppl who work retail at Nordstrom considered company employees or are they considered "independent contractors"? DoorDash has already said its drivers — who make up the HUGE majority of its workforce — won't be eligible.

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Ruby Bridges is a superhero. But let's remember all the ways that the costs of desegregation were borne by black kids + black institutions.