Bored Man Gets Paid.

Bored Man Gets Paid.

Foot on necks/now I’m taking bets. holler:

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Another brave hero just trying to get back to his family in one piece:

🙃 “... like a modern Oedipus, I’d metaphorically slept with my white mother and killed my black dad.”

just last wk, an NYT reporter tweeted out photos of Black/Latinx teenagers protesting the way they're policed on the subways of NYC Which is to say: it would be very easy for a police department with a specific history of surveilling/harrassing communities of color to ID them

it's both true that protesting carries inherent risks for protesters AND also true that the attendant risks to protests are not equally shared. i dunnowhat the answer is, but kudos to the young journos at Northwestern for recognizing the latter merits consideration 🤷🏿‍♂️

there's a lot of damning information in here, not the least of which is that this dude uses a hotmail account

Who is the most famous person from your neighborhood*? (You know, besides YOU, obviously.) *or town/county if you're a suburb/rural community

again, it's one thing to say that protesters are participating in a public act; it's another to wave away how police are constantly compiling information on people of color as a matter of course. should that *not* inform how people think abt information?


In 2000, a Haitan American man named Patrick Dorismond was standing outside a bar in midtown Manhattan. A plainsclothes cop walked up to him and asked him where he could buy crack. “What are you doing asking me for that shit?” Dorimsond asked.

James Craig Anderson was a 47-year-old gay Black man from Mississippi. One night in 2011, he was standing in a parking lot he was attacked by a roving pack of young white dudes who had gone out to, in their words, “fuck with some niggers.”

Raise your hand if your living parents and grandparents lived under Jim Crow. 🙋🏿‍♂️

one of the wildest things abt white supremacy is how white people's feelings abt racism are always the terrain being contested and always presented as The Stakes.

Sandra Bland didn't signal a lane change. John Crawford was shopping at a Wal-Mart. Philando Castile was coming home from dinner.

“Our manager never intended for these men to be arrested...this should never have escalated as it did.” Calling the police introduces the prospect of arrest, and since the police are armed, the prospect of violence. Calling the police IS an escalation.

The very sole of our nation depends on it

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Jonathan Ferrell was asking for help after a car crash. Tamir Rice was playing in a park. Akai Gurley was walking down the stairs.

"They shouldn't make The Doctor a woman or POC to make some political point!" Whiteness is not neutral. Maleness is not neutral.