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Soooo this just happened.. trying to surprise crew w/ empanadas from @chefemhahn  & someone put in oven on broil instead of bake yikes ! flaming oven lots of smoke so during commercial break we handled & back on the…

Fav son willgb3 continues his @RED  lobster birthday tradition! Altho this is a first ..a zoom bd party ny-la-San Fran & redlobster delivers! Will’s been eating redlobster on his bd since he was 8 .. he’s now 33! It’s…

Do you know what you were doing 33 years ago today ?? I do I do fav son Will was born & this is his first official pix ... He’s changed a bit .. happy birthday Will!

The happy birthday after glow for fav daughter @kirbybump  under the circumstances glad she can be this happy swipe left fav granDOG scott looks happy too on a play date w/a new very cute friend ....

Guess who I saw this afternoon! Thanx @colbertlateshow  for having me on to chat from your guest room to my living room.. will my leg kick make the cut?? Better question why did I do a leg kick in the first place... hmmmm find out tonite!

She looks friendly right?? So I decided to mosy over and ask for some .... swipe left ...

You are not going to believe what JUST happened at the “Santa Barbara Bureau” swipe left to hear message we received from security

It’s been a great NINE years @CBSMornings  ! I wear this dress once a year to celebrate the anniversary... thrilled & proud to be part of my favorite morning team that would be you & @AnthonyMasonCBSmp ; . @tonydokoupil  See you Monday morning on tv !

Hangin’ w/the “Bezos boys” after the successful & HISTORIC space launch @JeffBezos  & his brother #markbezos  sit down with us! the convo,the capsule & next chapters @CBSMornings  tomorrow.


This morning on @CBSMornings  we gave you just a sneak peek of our i @lizzoterview ... 3 days and counting until our primetime s #GRAMMYsecial  on @cbsursday '>T @CBSursday  at 10/9c! Here’s ’s #Lizzolightning  round:⚡️

It’s been quite a week at & RIGHT NOW producers , editors,writers,reporters, directors basically the whole damn team are getting ready for TONITE... it really does take a village ....thank YOU best team in tv ...

I #vote  for @curebatten  #upgradeyourworld  Today is the last day to vote just hearing about the effort to help 2 little girls. Take a look

rkelly sits down for first intvu since survivingrkelly doc & let’s just say he has lots to discuss tomorrow ...

In the words of @tiffanyhaddish  “we be ready” big changes at cbs and we will share at 7...It’s exciting!

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beyonce Killin' it #globalcitizenfestival  the crowd happy to see edsheeran too but "the people's"…

Our version of the “lightning round” following our interview about their new project @TheMorningShow  on @AppleTVPlus .... our conversation about playing TV news, Me Too and how they started calling the shots... tomorrow on @CBSMornings . ht#U2flXXxkDH

@barrybondz25  Hey Barry .. your tweet was sent to me first not ashamed it’s a fair question .. second I wanted to make sure people saw Lisa’s answer she said what many are thinking ... I’m glad you weighed in .