Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom

Husband and father. 40th Governor of California. 49th Lt. Governor of California and former SF Mayor.

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NEW: California created 44% of the nation's new jobs last month. Our state is leading the way on economic recovery.

Turns out -- vaccines WORK. Over 82% of eligible Californians have at least one dose. Now, we have the lowest case rate in the nation.

California reports lowest COVID-19 case rate in the country.

Good morning. California continues to have the lowest COVID case rate in the nation. Vaccines work.

“We will never have America default…that would be a disaster."

CA is now the first state in the nation to track violent attacks on the LGBTQ community. The LGBTQ community is nearly four times more likely to be victims of violent crime. To prevent these crimes, we need to know where and how they are happening.

Over 71% of California’s total population has been vaccinated. The result? We have by far the lowest COVID rate in the nation.


REMINDER: CA, you are now REQUIRED to wear a mask in public spaces. We’re seeing too many people with faces uncovered. Wearing a face covering is critical for keeping people safe and healthy, keeping businesses open and getting people back to work. Do your part. Wear your mask.

The @USPS  should be fully funded. Pass it on.

Don’t be selfish. Wear a mask.

Just so we’re all clear -- this is FALSE. Ballots don’t get mailed in CA until next month. And, for those interested in facts you can track your ballot here:

California fires in 2019: - 4,927 fires - 118k acres burned. California fires in 2020 (so far): - 7,606 fires - 2.3 million acres burned. CLIMATE. CHANGE. IS. REAL.

CA is now a vote by mail state. Every registered voter will receive a mail-in ballot for the Nov election. We’ll also provide safe in-person voting options. The right to vote is foundational to our democracy. No one should be forced to risk their health to exercise that right.

LA received 170 broken ventilators from the national stockpile. Rather than complaining, we put them on a truck, drove them up overnight, and had @Bloom_Energy  get to work fixing them. Monday they‘ll back in LA--fixed. That’s the spirit of CA.

NEW: As #COVID19  cases and hospitalizations continue to rise, 30 counties will now be required to CLOSE INDOOR OPERATIONS for: -Fitness Centers -Places of Worship -Offices for Non-Critical Sectors -Personal Care Services -Hair Salons and Barbershops -Malls