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Husband and father. 40th Governor of California. 49th Lt. Governor of California and former SF Mayor.

Today marks 7 years since the first DACA application was accepted. We’re a better country because of it. Because of the DREAMers that #DACA  protects. We must continue to defend this program from attacks by Trump and his administration.

LET THIS SINK IN: 1/3 of adults are so stressed about mass shootings they avoid visiting places or attending certain events. That’s how common mass shootings have become in America. —It doesn’t have to be like this— Still waiting on you, @senatemajldr .

TODAY: - CA's credit rating UPGRADED by @FitchRatings  - CA marks a RECORD 113 months of consecutive job growth All while we have... - A balanced budget - Record rainy day fund - Paid off our wall of debt @realDonaldTrump  -- time to take some notes.

The Statue of Liberty is for ALL, not some, and this sentiment from the Acting of USCIS is shocking, revisionist, and DISGRACEFUL.

Our hearts ache over the tragic loss of @CHP_HQ ‘s own Officer Andre Moye — who will be remembered for his commitment to service and the community of Riverside County. Jen and I extend our deepest condolences to his family, friends, and fellow officers who are grieving tonight.

Take note, @realDonaldTrump ... CALIFORNIA: - Exceeding climate goals - GDP growth higher than US for last 7 years, balanced budget, and *HUGE* rainy day fund TRUMP ADMINISTRATION: - Recklessly rolling back US climate policies - Budget deficit of $866.8 billion

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The numbers don’t lie. So when will Mitch McConnell and lawmakers in Congress listen and do something?

Rolling back CA’s car emissions standards will cost the US $400 billion. But that hasn’t stopped @realDonaldTrump . CA refuses to wait around & watch Trump’s admin destroy our environment & our econ. 24 governors, enviro groups & the auto industry agree.

"Please don't leave the childs with cryingness and everything...I need my dad by me." Watch this. Ask yourself what we're doing. What we're tolerating. What we stand for. There are many complicated issues we face today -- ripping kids away from their parents is not one of them.


This is from an Australian news outlet.

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Graham-Cassidy allows insurers to NOT cover: -Pregnancy -Newborn care -Mental health services -Prescription drugs -Rehab -Birth control

This barely made headlines yesterday... Vulnerable children. Being forced to sleep outside. On the ground. On top of rocks. In the dirt. In CBP custody. We cannot become numb to these images. We cannot let this become the new normal.

Horrifying... Children, parents, families — many fleeing violence — being held in a parking lot under a bridge because there is no room inside CBP. This is a failure of the Trump administration. A failure of our immigration system. We have to do better.

RECAP: Nazis: very fine people Racist sheriff: unfairly treated Black athletes exercising 1A rights: sons of b****** and uninvited to WH.

Again. On Sunday, it was Gilroy. Today, it’s El Paso. Our malls. Our festivals. Our concerts. Our churches. Our synagogues. Our movie theaters. Our classrooms. Our homes. This is an epidemic. This is a crisis. — Treat it like one. — We need the Senate to act. Now.

Today, I met with a 12-year-old who was shot while in a bounce house. A grandmother mourning the loss of her 6-year-old grandson. This is America today -- the shootings continue. Loved ones are buried. Children are gunned down. And Congress does nothing.

There are no words for the cowardice of @GOP  leadership right now. We should never forget their spinelessness when it mattered most.