Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker

Once kicked a ball about. Now talk about kicking a ball about. Still flogging spuds. BBC Sport, BT Sport, Walkers, @goalhangerfilms ...Instagram garylineker

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Watching rugby coverage, and we thought football’s laws are ambiguous. 😳

That is the most exquisite of freekicks from Aaron Cresswell. 👌🏻

He just gets better and better. @trentaa98  is one of the most exciting young talents on the planet. Sensational player.

And on this occasion with complete justification. Do try harder not to show your lack of knowledge of the game.

No problem with that VAR offside decision. Immediately clear from the replay that Mount was offside. Yesterday’s was entirely different as it was so tight there is no way they knew whether or not Son was offside. If technology can’t prove it, and it couldn’t, don’t change it.

He may have missed a couple of opportunities today, but @tammyabraham ’s movement is excellent and will lead to him scoring lots of goals.

That man @Aubameyang7  has done it again for @Arsenal . They’ve come back from 2-1 behind to lead with 10 men.

Another enthralling game of Premier League football. @ChelseaFC  a tad unfortunate to lose, but even when they’re not at their scintillating best @LFC  seem to a find a way to win...15 PL games on the bounce, to be precise.


After all that Claudio Ranieri has done for Leicester City, to sack him now is inexplicable, unforgivable and gut-wrenchingly sad.

Football is a simple game, 22 men chase the ball for 82 minutes and the Germans get a player sent off so 21 men chase the ball for 13 minutes and at the end the Germans somehow fucking win.

The worst defeat in our history. England beaten by a country with more volcanoes than professional footballers. Well played Iceland.

Terrific movement from The Queen here. Gets behind the defender, goes one way then cuts back inside. Regal attacking play.

There. Is Nothing. Like. Football.

Dear non English football fans. Football’s coming home is a fun song highlighting the lack of success of our football team for decades. No one really thought we’d win it. I totally get why you might think it was arrogance, but it’s more our self deprecatory sense of humour. 👍🏻

Does anyone really genuinely think there has ever been a better footballer than Lionel Messi? I mean seriously?

Oh Neymar, there is only one direction to go from @FCBarcelona  and that's backwards.

Whatever the result, Farage will always be a dick.