Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

The entire series is now available on @HBO. #GameofThrones

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“For the record, I loved all my ten years on #GameofThrones was a life-changing experience.” - Conleth Hill on the series. #GoTSDCC 

“After spending 10 years on #GameofThrones , I left with a wooden spoon.” - @Isaac_H_Wright  on the one thing he took from set. #GoTSDCC 

“Nothing f*cks you harder than time’...I think that’s magnificent and so true!” - @liamcunningham1  on his favorite quote from the series. #GoTSDCC 

“She did that on her own...but if we we’re to give credit to anyone it would be Melisandre.” - @Maisie_Williams  on Arya defeating the Night King. #GoTSDCC 

“I don’t think Bran knows exactly what will happen in the future...his vision of the future is slightly cloudier.” - @Isaac_H_Wright  on Bran. #GoTSDCC 

“We and you - we’re all on this journey together...all of us here feel blessed to be a part of it.” - @liamcunningham1  on the series. #GoTSDCC 

“This show has brought so many people together.” - @nikolajcw  on #GameofThrones . #GoTSDCC 

“One of the nice things about that final scene...I felt personally that you wanted to stay with them.” - @johnbradleywest  on the small council meeting in the series finale. #GoTSDCC