Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy

Republican Leader and Representative of California's 23rd District in the House of Representatives.

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Joe Biden really is a record-breaking President. In fact, the national average for gas prices has just set a new all-time record 8 days in a row. ⛽

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President Biden’s economy is ultra-unaffordable. Yesterday, he claimed he has made ‘extraordinary success’ on inflation...but today’s inflation report proves his only success has been forcing Americans to pay more.

Ed Westra, General Manager of Hull Coop Fertilizer: This spring, fertilizer prices were up approximately $100 more per acre – and prices are expected to rise again for next year.

Ending Title 42 will open our border even more to lethal fentanyl and subjects on the terrorist watch list. Biden's Border Crisis is making our country and our communities less safe.

RT to agree → If someone crosses the border illegally and they are caught by Border Patrol, they should go back to their country. That's common sense.

I'm in Ohio with @RepBalderson  and @OhioAG  for a roundtable discussion about the deadly fentanyl that is destroying our communities. Much of it is made in China and comes across the Mexican border, unchecked by the Biden Admin. Watch here at 3:15pm ET:

As you travel this Memorial Day weekend, think about how much more it's costing you to fill up your car. Then remember that restricting the supply and raising the price of American energy is a premeditated part of the Democrats' radical agenda.


RT if you support our police officers who put on their uniforms every day to carry out the oath to protect and serve our communities!

If Nancy Pelosi tries to impeach President Trump for appointing a Supreme Court Justice—as the Constitution requires him to do—we will take steps to remove her as Speaker.

Retweet if you agree that the State of the Union should proceed as planned. I just signed and submitted a resolution that would permit President Trump to deliver his #SOTU  address in the Capitol on January 29th.

If I'm Speaker of the House, I will never: • Talk about a President of the United States as being "morbidly obese" • Rip up the President's State of the Union speech. • Impeach purely for political gain. RT if you agree it's time for a change in the Speaker's office.

I had a briefing from the FBI today to learn more about Eric Swalwell’s ties to a reported-spy from China, and one thing is now crystal clear: Swalwell should no longer be on the Intel Committee.

Remember Speaker Pelosi's own standard for moving forward with impeachment: 1 - It must be overwhelming. 2 - It must be compelling. 3 - It must be bipartisan. Today shows that the Democrats have failed all three tests. This impeachment sham must stop here.

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Disappointing and disgusting. 17 million Americans have lost their jobs in three weeks. And yet Democrats just blocked critical aid for small businesses.