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Gary Neville

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Their should be another game in pre-season between the winners of today’s game and us on who keeps the trophy ??‍♂️

This lot think they can sweep up £300m more each season than the other teams and then wander back on a Saturday and play with that advantage in the PL . Deduct points , fine heavily and embargo transfers. I hope they haven’t bought some of the other 14 clubs. #stopthesuperleague 

Chelsea pulling out @SkySportsNews  reporting ?

Please see an Open Joint Letter Please sign & share the petition to help create a fairer football for all Here’s my video for you to share if you like❤️ @Carra23  @rioferdy5  @GaryLineker  @laura_woodsy  @JanAageFjortoft  @henrywinter 

The Premier Leagues use of VAR has made me doubt it. Watching this tournament makes me realise we’ve overcomplicated it , mis-used it and thought we knew better than tournaments and countries that had used it before us . Used correctly It can work and not intrude on the game !

I will when he leaves office and is replaced with someone competent and doesn’t lie

Why couldn’t he just tell us his mates paid for his flat refurbishment? We weren’t that bothered. He withheld information , lied and fluffed around it which makes everyone suspicious . So let’s dig deeper . Who did pay for it ! How bad is he ?

Vaccine passports for Sporting events ?

Avanti you are a shambles


1% June 21st we should all protest in our cities against this brutal and disgusting action! RT for yes and let’s get a campaign to change it !

It needed a PL manager to contract the virus for them to act! Embarrassing leadership from the @premierleague 

The most uncomfortable I’ve seen an Englishman in a press conference since a 7-0 defeat in Barcelona

This is a really bad move by the @premierleague  to charge £14.95 for single matches that have been shown free for 6 months !

Sick Pay Guaranteed Introduce Rent and Mortgage holidays Put a Business Support package in place to protect employment and businesses Make all private health care beds available for free Communicate a clear strategy @BorisJohnson  you must act now!

Boris outed . The handling of the crisis in the early days has been dismantled in the Sunday Times. Still recovering from CV , his own cabinet have turned on him. It was always coming but now we have a toxic mess that will distract them even more from the CV planning required.