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I know early in the window but it’s worrying that United are struggling to get business done. The others seem set and ready yet United can’t get moving. ETH needs his group together asap to mould them. Bringing them in late will only make it harder for him! 🤞🏻 it happens soon!

We have a government that are living like a criminal on the run. Sneaking and moving around in an attempt to delay the inevitable. The Head of the Gang will be turned in by his own people eventually , but they will have incriminated themselves along the way. #liars 

Remember when you vote this week we have a liar in number 10, we have a man in number 11 that is worth £400m but loans you £200 and wants it back, they gave 100’s millions of pounds to their mates in Covid,the Russians fund them,they look after energy co’s rather than you. Vote🌹

Cancelling that NLD game has cost Arsenal . They had not recovered at all from Thursday and had this loss been earlier in the season they would have been clear of it.

How can he carry on! He’s shameless and so are his colleagues in the @Conservatives  party. Everyday they back him or stay silent is a day of shame for them. He’s everything you don’t want in a leader.


Hey @RishiSunak  you’ve just pushed 1.3m people into absolute poverty this year including 500,000 children.UC rise abolished , NI increase , not feeding children in a pandemic etc . You’re building a truly great record of achievements. Keep smiling for those photo opportunities👍

Game off. What started out as postponements due to a pandemic has now become about clubs not having their best team . The Premier League must stop this now , draw a line in the sand and say all games go ahead unless you have an exceptional amount of CV cases . It’s wrong 👍

1% June 21st we should all protest in our cities against this brutal and disgusting action! RT for yes and let’s get a campaign to change it !

This is the moment we all say to him “ Do one “

We’re sending people who try to seek a safe life here in the UK to Rwanda? Is that what we’re doing? Lower than low we are at the top!

I can’t stop watching this 😂😂

I knew that Botox , summer training and Italian lessons would fool everyone! #imback 

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