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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday blamed Iran for a massive attack on a critical Saudi oil facility that has put the region on high alert. @sramosABC  has the story.

A community in West Virginia mourns the death of a high school football player after he suddenly collapses on the field. @ztkiesch  has the story.

This a-door-able act of patriotism by a five-year-old caught on camera will make your day. @JanaiNormanTV  has more.

A deadly police shooting breaks out in Baltimore as officers fire more than 100 rounds toward a suspect on the run. @TrevorKOIN  reports.

Two men were cited after getting up close to take a look at Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. @TVMarci  has the latest.

The deck of a New Jersey home collapsed around 6 p.m. on Saturday, injuring at least 21 people. @KayleeHartung  has the details.

After a young boy was snubbed by a Dallas Cowboys player for wearing a New York Giants jersey to the game, Saquon Barkley sent a personal message to the boy thanking him for being a fan. @RobMarciano  reports.

@selenagomez  heads back to her middle school and gives advice to students!

When Roselyn "Rosie" Keo and Karina Pascucci decided that the traditional and legal ways of making money in the strip club scene were not enough, they, along with others, conspired to trick, manipulate and drug unsuspecting wealthy men.