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You win this round satan

Worthy for Texas deserves all the NIL money after this game

Send a word up for them.

Happy birthday to @Realrclark25  You get the real version of the birthday song.

@Realrclark25  sorry. Jeff don’t know to @ people.

“If I ruled the world and everything in it, sky's the limit I push a Q-4-5 infinite” Really Nas? You said sky’s the limit.

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This man @SaturdayJeff  is new-ish to Twitter and he’s really is amazed by it. Follow him and tweet him fun stuff.


??‍♂️you can’t write jokes this perfect.

(RT this and help me make a young fans bday special) Hello, @DangeRussWilson  today is my young friends birthday. You are her favorite player. It would really make her day if you would tweet @ her. Her name is @minakimes . Thank you. #hbdmina 

Just fixed institutional racism for the NFL. You’re welcome!

The administrators & politicians who are proudly bringing back BIG10 football today should at least secure lifetime insurance (health,life,job loss) for these “amateurs.” I hope there are no longterm effect from covid, but if there are what y’all gonna do?(more)

I just watched it 3 more times “If there was any honor in that flag...” Watch my man cook. @ESPNMcGee 

A Thread: My cherrypicked MLK quotes. For those of you who like to cherrypick MLK quotes for the purpose of framing the symptoms as the illness.

The gymnastics Romo went through to blame only Harrison was wild.

It’s not a choice. I am compelled to root for Trae Young.