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‘Jacob Rees-Mogg you're right. You don't need to visit the border... you need to have lived here.’ Belfast-born actor Stephen Rea explores the real impact of Brexit and the uncertainty of the future of the Irish border in a short film written by Clare Dwyer Hogg.

Opinion: Argentine President Mauricio Macri has lost touch with reality, and that may have scared markets even more than the prospect of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s return.

The Catalan election results make it clear: the independence movement has won. Now comes the hard part

A vulnerability in WhatsApp, the end-to-end encrypted messaging app used by 1.5bn people around the world, allowed attackers to inject iPhones and Androids with spyware, the FT has discovered. Here’s what we know:

Vladimir Putin gave his annual foreign policy speech on Thursday — and he used it to hail the end of a US-dominated world: 'Luckily this monopoly is disappearing. It’s almost done.'

"Britain triggered Article 50 without having a clue what we wanted or how we were going to get it. The European Commission, by contrast, knew exactly what it was doing the diplomats in Brussels are masters of negotiation."