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Putin then began to do what perhaps he had always wanted to: retrieve Russian-speaking lands that were part of the older Russian empire. Putin sees himself not as a Soviet commissar but as a Russian tsar, in the tradition of his hero, Peter the Great.

Use Russia's seized foreign currency to rebuild Ukraine?

Today, are we seeing a new Putin, reckless and emotional? I don’t know. But we do know he hasn’t stayed the same over 22 yrs in power.

Is he this way due to Covid-19 isolation? Bc he/s been in office 22 yrs? Some speculate about illness or a mental condition. Regardless of the reasons, this might be an occasion not for clinical analysis but rather moral judgment. Putin may be evil, not sick, & that’s worse.

@gideonrachman  on a truth about war: Larger powers almost never benefit from campaigns like the one Russia is waging

China, Taiwan, and the US are all learning lessons from Russia's war

Pres. Biden has in plain sight several measures that would reduce inflation significantly, and yet appears hesitant to take them. My latest column:


A powerful message from Zelensky for each one of us

Today's last look: South Korea's anti-feminist movement—what's driving it & what it says about misogyny as a feature of right-wing politics around the world

Do Hong Kong's citizens want protests to continue, despite the turmoil? Longtime activist (and Yale student) @nathanlawkc  says yes. You can see our full conversation on GPS, @ 10am/1pm ET Sunday on @CNN 

We're in the early stages of what is going to become a series of cascading crises, and we will not be able to get back to anything resembling normal life unless the major powers in the world can find some way to cooperate. My take:

What could happen if Afghanistan continues to spiral? Should the Taliban gov't be recognized? And what's the state of the war on terror, now that the US has pulled back? Pt. 1 of my exclusive interview w/ Pakistani PM @ImranKhanPTI , from today's GPS:

Welcome to the new age of bloated Pentagon budgets, all to be justified by the great Chinese threat. My take:

The only pressure that will force Russia to the negotiating table is military defeat — in the south. Putin’s Plan A failed, but we cannot let his Plan B succeed. My latest column:

As president, Trump has lied or misled almost 20k times​, by the @washingtonpost 's count—and Republicans have repeated those lies, at first hesitantly, but increasingly with a “lightness of heart,” “marveling at the ease” with which they can justify their acquiescence. My take: