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Fareed Zakaria

Fareed Zakaria

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… and as elections loom next month, will Turkish Pres. Erdoğan lose his grip on power? Or will the system he dominates—and the voters who support him—deliver him to another term in office, after all? I'll examine.

Ban TikTok? There are better ways to protect privacy and compete with China. My latest column:

Where does legendary filmmaker @Jim Cameron get his ideas? Why are his movies so popular around the world? Part 1 of my conversation with Cameron:

Filmmaker @JimCameron  says humans must band together to protect the planet. That idea is reflected in his personal life and work. Part 2 of our conversation:

… Is globalization really unwinding? Or was it never as total as advertised? I’ll ask @shannonkoneil , author of “The Globalization Myth” …

… What’s the secret to leadership? What is real power? For those with aptitude, is success simply a matter of opportunity? I’ll talk with former IBM CEO @GinniRometty , author of “Good Power” …


Today's last look: South Korea's anti-feminist movement—what's driving it & what it says about misogyny as a feature of right-wing politics around the world

AMLO's attack on Mexico's election agency is essentially personal. They have their differences, but AMLO has turned out to be the Mexican Donald Trump. My take:

Do Hong Kong's citizens want protests to continue, despite the turmoil? Longtime activist (and Yale student) @nathanlawkc  says yes. You can see our full conversation on GPS, @ 10am/1pm ET Sunday on @CNN 

Today’s last look: Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated 75 years ago last Monday. Today, some are trying to assassinate his character.

Has Iran reached a "point of no return"? My conversation w/ @RoyaTheWriter , from today's GPS:

We're in the early stages of what is going to become a series of cascading crises, and we will not be able to get back to anything resembling normal life unless the major powers in the world can find some way to cooperate. My take:

The @nytimes  has reported that Ukrainian Pres. Zelensky was set to make a public announcement of the investigations sought by Pres. Trump on my @CNN  program. So, I think I owe viewers my best understanding of what actually happened. My take:

Now that Iran has executed a protester, what will happen to the country's widespread movement of discontent? My conversation with @NazaninBoniadi :