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Will the UK hold an election the day after Brexit? What happens if Boris Johnson loses a no-confidence vote? Will the queen have to make a choice? The @FinancialTimes ' @EdwardGLuce  breaks down the possibilities. See our full conversation on GPS, at 10 am & 1 pm ET Sunday on @CNN 

... former Irish president Mary Robinson, chair of @TheElders  , will discuss climate justice—how to fix the problem of rich countries causing global warming while poor ones suffer from it ...

The US needs to make sure it doesn't just end the war in Afghanistan—but also wins the peace. My take:

... and @tarawestover  , author of the best-selling memoir "Educated, " will share her story of growing up in a Mormon survivalist family that didn't believe in school, how she taught herself and eventually obtained a PhD, and her thoughts on the politics of rural America

... our What in the World segment will examine South Africa's debate over whether to redistribute land owned by whites—and how land reform has been done well and poorly elsewhere ...

An important observation from @SteveRattner : The world economy is being mismanaged, and its current problems are "completely self-inflicted by major world leaders" after a favorable post-recovery outlook


India’s most distinguished historian downgrades the country’s status as a democracy

The US faces a real crisis with its asylum system. My take:

Reflecting on the history of US mass shootings, @davidfrum  draws a conclusion: "Despite their diversity, all these killers had one thing in common: their uniquely American access to firearms."

Orlando attack appears to be about radical Islam and guns. You don't have to choose, it can be both.

President Trump clearly understands in his gut what stirs his base. And he is determined to inflame fears over immigration regardless of the facts or the effect it will have on the country: My latest column:

Today, I worry we may be watching rise of illiberal democracy in US, something that should concern anyone: My column

As the crazy talk continues, standard rules of fact, truth and reality have disappeared in this campaign: My column

Pres. Trump's trade strategy might have started out well intentioned, but it has turned into a highly politicized, out-of-control wrecking ball that could end up destroying a system that has brought peace and prosperity to the world for 75 years. My take:

The United States’ defense budget is out of control, lacking strategic coherence, utterly mismanaged, ruinously wasteful and yet eternally expanding. My latest column: