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On GPS, @ 10am & 1pm ET Sunday on @CNN : @annafifield , @RanaForoohar , & @colleenkraftmd  on China’s coronavirus response, what it _should_ be doing, & what the virus will mean for the global economy …

… & @Joe_Nye  talks about his new book on presidential decision making & foreign policy, “Do Morals Matter?”. He grades the morality of presidents’ actions on the world stage, from FDR to Trump

… in our What in the World segment, I’ll look @ Pres. Trump’s expanded travel ban & why including Nigeria in it was bad policy …

@BBCKimGhattas  discusses her new book, “The Black Wave,” which examines the conservative culture that has swept over the Middle East since 1979 …

China has instituted massive quarantines to keep the coronavirus from spreading. How are citizens reacting, & what does the broad effort mean for China's high-tech surveillance state? @annafifield  explains. See the full conversation tomorrow on GPS, @ 10am & 1pm ET on @CNN 

Bernie Sanders's green energy plan presumes we can reduce emissions in electricity & transport to zero in 10 years while shutting down the only two low-emissions, always-available sources of power that together provide nearly 60% of America’s electricity today. My take:


The @nytimes  has reported that Ukrainian Pres. Zelensky was set to make a public announcement of the investigations sought by Pres. Trump on my @CNN  program. So, I think I owe viewers my best understanding of what actually happened. My take:

Do Hong Kong's citizens want protests to continue, despite the turmoil? Longtime activist (and Yale student) @nathanlawkc  says yes. You can see our full conversation on GPS, @ 10am/1pm ET Sunday on @CNN 

India’s most distinguished historian downgrades the country’s status as a democracy

The US faces a real crisis with its asylum system. My take:

Orlando attack appears to be about radical Islam and guns. You don't have to choose, it can be both.

Today, I worry we may be watching rise of illiberal democracy in US, something that should concern anyone: My column

President Trump clearly understands in his gut what stirs his base. And he is determined to inflame fears over immigration regardless of the facts or the effect it will have on the country: My latest column: