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@BizRoundtable ’s Joshua Bolten tells @margbrennan  that if the trade war “spirals out of control,” investors and businesses will “slam on the brake” and “that would be a disaster” for China and the United States.

Larry Kudlow says China is bearing the brunt of escalating trade war.

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@NPR  @1a  host @jejohnson322  says when it comes to the economy affecting voters choices, it's too early to tell. Once Americans have the “feeling that day to day life has changed,” they'll decide.

On the economy, @IAMMGraham  says “if you really believe the economy is so good that it can survive the craziness of Trump, then it's so good it can survive no Trump.”

Do deficits still matter? @BizRoundtable’s Joshua Bolten says, “yeah, deficits absolutely matter.” He adds, “they have not so far mattered as much as most economists or budget director's would have predicted.”

@amyklobuchar  says @realDonaldTrump  has been using tariffs “like a meat cleaver, or maybe the better word is a tweet cleaver.”


"This broad brush criticism that the president is somehow undermining our democracy, I always wonder like, what exactly are we talking about?" tells

. responds to people saying they’re tired of the Mueller Report. “We don't have time to get tired because the Russians aren't getting tired. They are attacking our electoral system every single day, if not every hour.”

"You can't make this issue partisan. It is too important. A fundamental part of a democracy is a free and fair election."   - Sen. McCain

@GOPLeader  says he doesn’t think the Senate Intelligence Committee should bring back Donald Trump Jr. to testify again: “It’s time to move on. Was there obstruction? No. Was there collusion? No.”

BREAKING: over his disagreement with 's abrupt pullout, speci #Syrial  envoy Brett McGurk is accelerating his resignation from the , reports

WATCH: "doesn't mind human trafficking, or she wouldn't do this," accuses President Trump sat down with for an interview airing Sunday on

Is @GeorgeHWBush  too nice a guy to be president? @FaceTheNation  asked him in 1979

. calls a border wall “a vanity project.” He says it’s “a fifth century solution to a 21st century problem.” Then asks, “you want to also bring horses back to the United States cavalry? Bring some rowboats to the Navy?”

At the #BigIdeas  @MoveOn  festival moments ago — @KamalaHarris  was on stage answering questions when a man jumped on stage and grabbed her microphone. The senator came back out on stage to finish her speech about #EqualPay .